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Fight the Good Fight of Faith

You had to admire the little guy’s spunk.  With no means of defense, pitted against an enemy twenty times his size, he was putting up a brave fight. He was only a mouse captured in the claws of our family … Continue reading

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Wednesday Journal: Gone with the Wind

We had a serious wind last night.  Our windows were shaking at times in the “gusts up to 100 kmph” (62mph). This morning we see the aftermath: our wooden bench has overturned, our plastic lawn have tumbled around – one … Continue reading

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The Box Social

Ah, springtime! When a young man’s fancy, they say, turns to thoughts of love. This was especially true for the many bachelors who had left family behind in the old country and come to Canadian homesteads in the early days.  … Continue reading

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There’s No Sense Screaming Over Spilled Milk

Cathy sat in the fast food restaurant trying not to eavesdrop as the mother at the next table scolded her daughter.  It was pretty hard; the small girl has just spilled her drink and the mother was berating her loudly.  … Continue reading

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A Cat and Her Mouse — But Not at 4 am!

Things Wild in Our Little Corner of the World Being nature lovers, we really enjoy living on the open prairie.  The scenes are so peaceful and pleasant; the wildlife abundant.  We’re tickled to see the various waterfowl as they build … Continue reading

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The Plant Whisperer?

WALMART Rescue #1 Okay, I’m weak.  I’m a soft touch.  My heart is made of marshmallow. But as I wandered through Walmart one January day I passed by the plant section.  (I should NEVER do this–and I usually steel myself … Continue reading

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When the Saints Go Marching In

WELCOME HOME We knew as soon as we got to the Arrivals level of the Dorval airport that something unusual was going on.  Signs with ATHLETES and arrows were posted here and there.  The folks going past were carrying cameras … Continue reading

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English Language Makes Regular Deposits in the Bank of Ambiguity, Drawing Much Interest

Wise-crackers are ubiquitous.  If you don’t believe me, just use a word with more than one meaning.  Someone is sure to pop a joke on you. If in sympathy for neighbour Mabel’s gout, I should happen to let slip a … Continue reading

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March 1st: Bird-watching From My Window

This morning started out on an interesting note: I looked out our kitchen window and saw a bald eagle perched in a tree not far from our trailer ‒ and there he sat for a couple of hours.  On summer … Continue reading

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