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NaNoWriMo & Puzzling Plots

HELLO Everyone! We have another mild, rainless day in Saskatchewan – except that it’s raining yellow leaves. I’m working my way through a pile of laundry – Mount Washmore, FlyLady would call it ☺ – in preparation for this weekend … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Dog — Part C

It was a Monday evening when the car ran out of gas again. The boy gritted his teeth when he heard the motor start to cough and clutched the armrest as the car drifted to a stop beside a seedy … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Dog

This allegory came to me some time ago and I started on it for a writing practise Monday. Now folks want to read the whole story, so here is Part A. Be warned: it’s horrible – all the more horrible … Continue reading

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Teaching Mom To Drive

Kendall’s mother decided one day that, since she’d soon be an empty-nester, she’d better learn how to drive. So she talked Kendall, her last son at home, into giving her some lessons. It intrigued Kendall that Mom wanted to learn … Continue reading

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Pilate’s Dilemma

Pilate took a sip from his goblet and looked out over the early morning skyline. “Nerves on edge, sir?” his aide asked. “I’m always on edge when these Jews have a holy day of some kind and all flock into … Continue reading

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The Wise Man On The Mountain

Today I’m posting the second half of Chapter One from my Fable, “The Wise man on the Mountain.” So far this is the largest story in my work-in-progress, a book of stories and poems. Just thought I’d tempt you with … Continue reading

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Fooling the Wise and the Fools

There once was a man who was digging for gold. And he discovered a large vein of gold, deep under his town. But he said to himself, “If word gets out about this, everyone else will grab it”. So he … Continue reading

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Snow Day Prayer

Brandon got up Wednesday morning and looked out the window at a very white world. Like any eight-year old he was delighted to see a deep blanket of fresh snow on the ground and the air full of flakes swirling … Continue reading

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“The Road Taken” — Robert Frost redone

Our His Imprint Christian writers group met again this afternoon and this month’s challenge was to read Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken,” then describe some things the poet might have found had he chosen this other path. Here’s … Continue reading

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A Chance to Reconsider

“Come on, Maggie MacGuire, I’ll walk along with you awhile and carry that.  It’s a pretty hefty load for a granny like yourself to haul around.”  Donald picked up the sack she’d rested against a sign post. “I’d be right … Continue reading

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