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Washday on the Homestead

According to the Laws of Feminine Paradigms, Monday was Wash day long before the prairies filled up with settlers. Homestead wives brought this tradition from their far-off motherlands and planted it into the cultural soil of Western Canada. As Saskatchewan … Continue reading

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Grandpa Meets His Match

Originally posted on Vance Turner Connect:
Allen Vance and his father Sam arrived in the Northwest Territories in the fall in 1899 to check out the area. Sam’s brother was already homesteading near Neepawa, Manitoba; no doubt the prospect of…

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Prairie Fire!

Mary Boos was working in the garden that afternoon and paused to rest as a warm wind blew across the yard. Right about that time one of the little girls said, “Mama, look at that big cloud.” Mary’s eyes followed. … Continue reading

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Prices in Grandpa’s Day

In the spring of 1900 our grandfather, Allen Vance, together with Uncle Moses Smith, arrived in Spy Hill, Saskatchewan. The two men had brought a boxcar of settler’s effects. Allen, being 21, had taken out a homestead and Moses bought … Continue reading

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Homesteading in the Canadian West: Log Houses and Soddies

My last post described the mansion C.R. Daniels built for his American bride.  Now for a reality check.  Let’s follow the journey of a would-be-landowner who arrived on one of the immigrant trains and describe the houses MOST prairie folks … Continue reading

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Prairie Farm Wives Were Made of Tough Stuff

In the mid 1800s in the large Eastern American cities, young women were pushing for the right to higher learning – and meeting stiff opposition.  Some educators claimed that a basic Grade 8 education was all a girl could handle; … Continue reading

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