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Who Do You Work For?

Who Is Your Boss? By Edgar A Guest “I work for someone else,” he said, “I have no chance to get ahead. At night I leave the job behind; at morn I face the same old grind and everything I … Continue reading

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Winter Whimper!

It was c-c-c-cold here this morning. When I checked the weather at 8am it was -37 C in Saskatoon with a wind speed at 16 kmph, which gives a wind chill factor of -50 C. Translation for our Yankee friends: … Continue reading

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Colours of the Morning

TIME TO THINK SPRING I’m getting weary of winter, anxious to move on to better things. Do you like my new look? Colours of the Morning Blue falls from heaven, blushes the morning glory buds; Rose awakens drowsy roosters, coaxes … Continue reading

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Do Not Grow Weary…

Originally posted on Along Life's Path…:
(an acrostic prayer) Dearest Father, we humbly come to this hour to present ourselves again as sinners in need of Your mercy. Open us to the washing of Your grace, dear God, as…

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The Gracious Way to Get There

IT ISN’T COSTLY Does the grouch get richer quicker than the friendly sort of man? Can the grumbler labor better than the cheerful fellow can? Is the mean and churlish neighbor any cleverer than the one who shouts a glad … Continue reading

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Ben Franklin Gets Some Smarts

Pompous Doesn’t Pay Once upon a time I was in a poetry circle and we were given a new word every day to write a poem about. For some words it’s pretty tough to come up with anything really sensible. … Continue reading

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Friends Never Forget

Grey doves flutter onto rain-soaked sidewalk to find the man who sits, rain or shine, on a bench all alone but for his pocketful of seeds. Friends never forget. One time as we walked through a park in the city … Continue reading

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The Comforts of Home

No Place to Go by Edgar Guest The happiest nights I ever know are those when I’ve no place to go, and the missus says when the day is through, “Tonight we haven’t a thing to do. Oh, the joy … Continue reading

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Cold Enough Here!

We all had a chuckle in church this morning as Jay Bullock, a visiting brother from Avera, (near Augusta) Georgia, got up with some opening thoughts to our service. He said that as he’d gotten off the plane and stepped … Continue reading

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Tribute to A Friend

Today I posted a poem by Margaret Penner Toews on my Swallow in the Wind poetry blog. Shortly after she died I wrote the following as a tribute to her; she was such a special lady, a friend to all, … Continue reading

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