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Who Do You Work For?

Who Is Your Boss? By Edgar A Guest “I work for someone else,” he said, “I have no chance to get ahead. At night I leave the job behind; at morn I face the same old grind and everything I … Continue reading

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Called By My Name

He calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out.” John 10:3 To be called by a wrong name always brings a disturbing aura with it. A Mr. & Mrs. Schmidt, due to become first-time parents in several months, … Continue reading

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Into the Ears, Out the Mouth

Years back a young Minister enjoyed making the rounds of his parish whenever it suited him.  Being a bachelor, he never gave much thought–or perhaps his subconscious was thinking– as to the time of day or household routines of his … Continue reading

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Ben Franklin Gets Some Smarts

Pompous Doesn’t Pay Once upon a time I was in a poetry circle and we were given a new word every day to write a poem about. For some words it’s pretty tough to come up with anything really sensible. … Continue reading

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“I’m Surprised to See You, Ed!”

BROTHER ED’S ACCIDENT Part Two When Ed got home that afternoon he told his wife about the morning’s happening. “My leg’s still a bit tender, but it’ll heal. All’s well that ends well, thank God.” That evening Ed’s brother Phil … Continue reading

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Prairie Fire!

Mary Boos was working in the garden that afternoon and paused to rest as a warm wind blew across the yard. Right about that time one of the little girls said, “Mama, look at that big cloud.” Mary’s eyes followed. … Continue reading

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A Long Walk One Dark Night

I’d like to give a warm welcome to all my new Followers on this chilly day. (Thankfully it’s warmer than yesterday when the temp dropped to -29C or -16 F.) I’m glad you are finding my blog interesting and hope … Continue reading

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A Wind that Blows Us Free

My web browser is full of surprises. There are some blogs I’ve followed regularly for over a year and suddenly I can’t go there anymore. Then suddenly I can. Then I can’t. This morning an e-mail popped into my inbox … Continue reading

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The Salesman Gets A Shock

by Edgar Guest The salesman saw his shabby clothes and eyed him head to toe; so rough a looking man, thought he, could not be good to know; and since he sold expensive cars, which only rich men buy, to … Continue reading

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Who Pays the Cost?

Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees I can’t tell you how many times my parents recited that cliché when I was young, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized the truth in that saying. It’s as inescapable as the law of … Continue reading

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