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Comforters for Children, Timing for Birds

A friend and I went shopping for fabric yesterday.  It was a pleasant outing, but this morning I’m dealing with the consequences: a plugged sinus that prevented me from falling back to sleep when I awoke at 5am.  So I’ll … Continue reading

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A Life of Running Away

The part of Pastor Warren’s sermon that I wrote about yesterday really spoke to me and brought back sad memories, because someone dear to my heart was a ‘runner’. He had lots of opinions and biases and he expressed them … Continue reading

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How Far Will You Run?

I mentioned earlier that I would share some of our Pastor Warren Isaac’s message–now another Sunday has slipped by so I’d best write down my impressions before I forget them. His topic was on accepting responsibility–which might include the need … Continue reading

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Love at Home: Romance vs Reality

The hearts on my calendar are reminding me that Valentine’s Day is coming up shortly.  And that sets me to thinking about different examples of love. I read a neat little story once about a young author who sat in … Continue reading

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At Home & At Work

I spent most of yesterday on His Imprint business, but it was enjoyable. Bob & I made a big circle from Delisle to Rosetown to Elrose to Conquest and home again, dropping off a dozen posters in six communities west … Continue reading

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Three Days, condensed

This weekend really zipped by!  I cooked at the seniors’ residence Saturday and Sunday, then yesterday we were in Saskatoon all day.  In the morning my elderly cousin needed some help getting groceries, the writers’ group met from noon-3pm, then … Continue reading

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