Pages from my Journal: Friday & Saturday

Good Friday wasn’t so good for our children:

We had our usual Good Friday morning service–with inspiring thoughts by our Min. Warren Isaac and Min. Weldon Hiebert from Manitoba. (He & his wife were here visiting their daughter.)

After dinner we both had a long nap. I was working on the computer around 4 pm when we received an e-mail from Michelle, saying that she’s at the hospital with Ken. Apparently he had a restless night, with fever & chills, pain in the kidney area, so they went in this morning.

In addition to his fever, his heart was racing. Doctors thought of appendix and ordered an ultrasound, then a CT scan, but ruled that out. He was put on an antibiotic by IV for throat & bladder infection, but they weren’t able to determine what was causing the extreme symptoms.

Since I’m scheduled to work at the Villa tomorrow & Sunday, we knew it would work best for us to go today, so we dashed off to the city. We found them in Pediatric Emergency at the University Hospital; I guess they put you where they have room for you.

Ken had just come back from a chest x-ray–nothing amiss there–but the doctors were keeping him in, hoping to figure out what ails him. By this time they were guessing maybe tonsils. He was feeling weak and hadn’t eaten anything all day. We left them, praying an answer would be found, and stopped in to see Bob’s cousin Ted & wife on our way home. Ted was saying that some flu’s act like that.

Saturday evening:

“Life is odd with its twists and turns…”

Melvin left the Villa shortly after nine this morning, headed for Saskatoon. He told me he had an errand to run, but was planning to be back at the Villa for lunch at noon. But someone in a pickup failed to stop at the sign; the truck made it most of the way across and Melvin hit the box. The front end of his van was very damaged and he was a bit sore in the chest.

Michelle was on her way into the city to visit Ken, but decided to wash her van in Delisle first. This little delay meant that she was just coming up to the crossing when the accident happened. So Melvin sat in her van and waited for the ambulance. Someone up There timed her arrival perfectly!

The ambulance driver didn’t think he was seriously hurt and gave him the choice of going to the hospital or just going home. Melvin decided maybe he should go to the hospital. Good thing, too; when they checked him out the x-ray showed his sternum was broken so they kept him in. The other driver wasn’t hurt, thankfully; he was the one who called 911.

Meanwhile, back at the Villa, my diners disappeared one by one.  Ben H is in Manitoba with his family for a week; Bertha R came at 10 am to say she was leaving to spend the weekend with her family; at 10:30 Wilbert E came to say he wouldn’t be home for lunch; at 11:30 Melvin’s daughter-in-law called about the accident.  Which left only Frank F and I to enjoy the casserole I’d prepared. 🙂

To be continued…


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