Journal Pages: Easter Sunday & Monday

We enjoyed our Sunday morning service; a visiting brother shared a dream he had, one that illustrated to him how our debt has been pardoned.  Jesus paid it all; His sacrifice atoned for all our sins.  This dream was very meaningful to him and he managed to convey it so we could all appreciate it, too.

All over North America and in many other countries, this is a day for rejoicing, for proclaiming the good news of Christ’s resurrection.  Christian churches worldwide are celebrating Jesus’ victory over sin and death.  I had to wonder, though: as God looks down from heaven, is He pleased?

Yes, I’m sure He’s delighted that His Son is being so honoured, but what about the “one fold, one shepherd” unity Jesus came to establish?  “Christianity” has broken into so many small groups divided by doctrine, interpretation of scriptures, charismatic personalities, etc.  A person can put a lot of effort into worship and praise, but the question came to mind: are we doing the actual FOLLOWING that would unite us and please Him more?

I cooked at the Villa Sunday.  Frank & Wilbert were the only residents at the table, but we invited Ken’s family to join us: (his brother) Paul & Suzanne and baby; his sisters Carol & Becky.  And they were babysitting for Michelle, so they brought along three of our grandchildren.  We invited another older couple, too, so we were a nice-sized group.  Frank was the only resident home for the 5:30 pm lunch.

Ken was feeling better Saturday morning, then his fever came back and he was feeling rough after dinner, so they kept him in another day, He was released from the hospital Sunday  afternoon.

Monday morning I waxed poetic about our sufferers and wrote a poem–which I’ll share in another post.  In the afternoon I did some blogging, His Imprint e-mails, finished my dress and did the needed repairs on a couple more.  Things are looking up!

Melvin was released from the hospital Monday afternoon; when I stopped at the Villa in the evening to check on the fish both he and Bertha were home again.  She and I sat and worked on a jigsaw puzzle for awhile.

Melvin was in an accident here; his youngest son & family were in one on their Easter weekend trip.  One of those “I didn’t see him signalling” type accidents.  Thankfully no one was hurt, though their van was scraped all along one side and their little boys in the back got showered with glass from a broken window.  You just never know what a day will bring.

This concludes my recap of our interesting Easter weekend, which can be summed up in the following quote:
“Life is odd, with its twists and turns, As every one of us sometimes learns…”
Author Unknown


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