My Latest Mini-Novel

My latest book has already been bound and the graphics are done, now it awaits the printing.  I’m using a very small font.

My five-year-old granddaughter handed it to me yesterday, this little book she’d made all by herself– just for me!  She’d chosen Christmas wrapping paper that was marked off in two-inch squares with a snowflake, a holly leaf, a present or a star printed in the centre of each square.  She stapled fifteen of these squares together on one side with three staples–which pretty much ran the length of that side.

When she gave it to me, she showed me that each square has a plain back and she said, “Here Grandma.  Now you can write a book.”

I’ll have to use very tiny print for this one; writing would take too much space.  What topic should I cover?  Maybe I should do an autobiography?


4 thoughts on “My Latest Mini-Novel

    • You may have something there, Lilly. What I could write about molecular biology would fill twelve 2-inch squares and I’d have one left for a title page, two for my bibliography. Thanks for the tip! 🙂


      • Most of my knowledge base is right here by my computer: Two Thesauruses, 50 Secrets of Writing for Magazines, Writing for Children and Teenagers, etc., plus three dictionaries, my Bible & online Concordance. Nothing on science unless our three bird identification books would count?

        I know some basics of human biology. “She who stuffeth, puffeth.” That sort of thing. And I’m learning that grandchildren, adorable as they may be, can carry germs as well as gifts. 🙂 Sniffle, sniffle…


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