How Much is That Swallow in the Window!

On March 24th I posted an article: “When the Swallows Come Back to Our Exhaust Fan.”  Monday morning the swallows did return to our area and the original pair (I’m guessing) have been scrabbling around in the exhaust fan again.

This afternoon I was hearing frantic chirping; I checked and saw one persistent little guy wanting in our dining room window in the worst way.  Was he one of last year’s babies, hoping for another hole somewhere where he could get in and make his own nest?  Or did he see the African violets sitting in my windowsill and think there might be some juicy bugs for him in here?  He hovered around the window for half an hour or so, bashing himself against the glass, sitting on the outside ledge, clinging to the screen, all the while chirping away full throttle.  Now and then he’d go back and perch outside the old nest, but he never entered.

Of course our big black Panda cat had to check out the commotion, so she leaped onto the inside sill to get a very close look.  Oh, she tried to catch that bird.  Her presence didn’t deter him any more than mine, though; at times he was hanging on the screen just inches from us.  He didn’t move even when Panda was batting at him.  Frustrated by the glass between, she finally settled down to watch his antics.

I went outside to shoo him away; I was worried he’d damage his wings  constantly banging on the glass.  I walked over, even got within a few feet of him and talked to him–and he still didn’t move.  Such dedication!  He finally fluttered up to the roof, while his mate (I’m presuming) sat on the bird feeder pole about twenty feet away and took it all in.

We had a birdhouse in the making, a kit we bought at the Hardware store yesterday.  Bob quickly finished tacking it together and hung it on the side of our garage.  Here’s hoping he’ll find THAT before he does himself serious harm.

I looked around and saw at least a dozen other swallows in the air or sitting on branches; maybe they’re all last year’s offspring coming home to roost.  If only we had nests for them, too!  All these years when the subject of woodworking has come up, I’ve told people the only wood I know how to work with is a pencil.  Maybe I should turn over a new lath and take up carpentry next winter?

On second thought, if I saw off a finger or two I might not be able to do as much with a pencil, either. ☺