Welcome to My World

The Big 5-0

According to this little box on the right, I now have 50 followers.  Fifty people–plus four e-mail followers–who want to hear my thoughts and read about my life’s experiences.  Wow!

This morning I want to say a special Hello, Welcome, and Thanks to all of you.  Thank you for being interested in what I have to say.  Thank you for all the LIKES and comments.  (Sometimes I wonder if I’ll run out of things to write.  Other times I wonder how I’ll ever find time to cover every idea that I WANT to write.)

Having checked out most of your blogs, I’m surprised that some of you who have such different interests want to read about my point of view.  Some of you started following because you liked my poetry or humor, some liked my history, some liked the serious, spiritual side.  Sometimes I  toy with the idea of having separate sites for each genre and posting once a week on each one–but maybe you all like this mix of mine?

One thing we all have in common: we’re here in this world and we’re passing through.  Too fast, it seems!  At times life feels like a conveyor belt: new little faces are appearing constantly at the one end, then we hear that our friends’ grandchildren are moving along and getting married already!  All the while time is carrying us closer to the day we jump off–or fall off–at the other end.  “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

This morning the first two verses of Habakkuk Chapter 2 caught my eye.
“I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.  And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.”

My personal paraphrase:
I’m a messenger for the King, standing watch on the tower and listening, waiting for whatever message He wants to send out.  When I receive a message from Him, I need to write it clearly and hold it high so those who must carry it away to other places can read it and run with the news.  I must someday give an answer for how I’ve treated any message He has entrusted to me.

I’ve come a long way from where I was born to where I am now; I’d like to share some of that journey with you in future posts.  My prayer is that God can use what I write to bless each one of you with sense of His love and His holiness.  I also believe that humor is good for the heart and poetry is an exercise for the mind.  History helps us see our own lives in perspective if we think we have it so bad.

Day-to-day life holds some intrigue, too.  A few minutes ago I heard a crash.  I hurried to the dining room to see some of my African violets & broken saucers on the floor, our wiry black Angus all over the windowsill trying to catch that swallow.  He’s back and as determined as before that he will get in!

It’s a foggy day; he’s not scrapping with his reflection.  His mate was watching calmly from her perch on the bird feeder pole, as before.  (Or HER mate.  It could spark quite a discussion whether this persistent window-bashing is female behaviour or male. 🙂 )

Maybe somewhere in its journey it banged its head one too many times?  But if it doesn’t fear cats any more than it appears to right at this moment, its lifespan will be short!  Will you say a prayer together with me that this addle-pated bird will find the birdhouse we put up yesterday before it becomes lunch.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to My World

  1. Beautiful post Christine! Yes I will pray the bird finds his new home. Mysterious for sure! Have a good evening. 🙂 Renee


  2. I tried to split my genres and mostly it worked but it can take a lot of work to run three or four different blogs. I have to be strict with myself and I get all comments from the various blogs by email so I don’t miss any and can reply to all. I try to make it a point to reply.


    • If you have several blogs, do you find most of your readers follow one, or do most readers follow all your blogs?

      I enjoy writing very much and would probably get enthused about every blog & comment every day. It would take much more time IF I let myself do that! (“It would consume your whole life, ” says my husband. 🙂 )Like yourself, I’d have to be very disciplined.

      I’d like to reply more, LIKE and comment more on other blogs, too, but our internet connection is by satellite and when it’s cloudy it’s sometimes pretty hard to get anything through. 😦


  3. Thanks for the amazing info. I find these posts have a lot of material. I can’t wait to get a chance to impliment all these great posts. Thank you very much.


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