Feathers, Scales, and Quotes

Heavenly Sunshine!

A clear blue morning is a joy to behold, especially here on the prairies where our sky is so “right up there.”  Some parts of Sask. are tabletop-flat but this area has some ripples to it, so our sky straggles up through the woods beside us and comes to earth again just beyond that little rise a mile to the west.  North to south we can probably see five miles.  Ten if you look straight up.  (I’m guessing. ☺)

As I mentioned, the tree swallows came back two weeks ago and have been hunting for potential nests ever since–except for our house guests.  We were rather disappointed that the others seemed uninterested in the new digs we hung to accommodate them, but last night as I walked through the garden I saw one come winging over the trees, make a few loops above me, and land on the bird house we attached to the garden shed.  Then it popped in and stayed in, so likely it has claimed the place.

The goldfinches appeared at our finch feeder for the first time on Wednesday; Bob started hearing the brown thrashers then, too.  One of the Villa residents saw a hummingbird at her feeder yesterday morning; two more nectar feeders went up today.  The snipe has been hanging out at the slough west of us, along with various ducks, for a couple of weeks already.  Last week we started seeing phalaropes, avocets, willets and killdeer.

Garage sale signs have sprouted in various towns, too; every Friday a number of them decorate strategic street corners.  Outlook had their town-wide sale May 5-6; Delisle, this Saturday.  Our daughter and her sisters-in-law set up tables beside the rink in Delisle; Bob took some of our stuff there, too, while I babysat the grandchildren.  The sun beamed down on their efforts all day so by closing time they were all quite pink.

These past few days brought our first long sunny spell and the trees responded to the warmth.  Last week we could see traces of green in the woods, now we see the LEAVES.

Monday Morning Motivation:
One small note of discord on this lovely spring morning: I woke up with a slight backache again.  This started last week already; part of the problem is that I’ve regularly forgotten to take my glucosamine.  If I don’t take it at least twice a day I wake up with a severe back of the neck headache and my arthritis becomes a real pain.

However, if I stepped on the bathroom scales I’d have part of the answer, too.  I’ve often heard the saying: “Some folks choose the destination and accept the way that will get them there; others choose the way and accept the destination.”  When it comes to fitness, I have to admit that I’ve too often chosen the way (of least resistance) rather than the destination (of physical fitness.)

However, I’ve reached the land of ‘Pushing Sixty’ and I’m not liking the stiff & sore terrain.  Bumps feel rougher; I find it’s taking more muscle power than I have to get up some of these hills!  Digging up the flower beds is looking iffy right now.

So, is it possible to put my vehicle in reverse at this point?  But then I’d have to take another, more disciplined way.  Get some exercise.  Apply some dietary restrictions.  Gulp!

Oh, well.  “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.”  Being inclined to see all the TO DO’s through a dark cloud of despair, I often use this verse to pull myself together and get started.

Another wise saying I often apply: “Little and often make a heap in time.”  A twenty-minute walk twice a day carries a promise of better shape if done often enough.  (Here I need to say a hearty “Thank You” to those of you who have made such encouraging comments and posts about restoring order and getting fit.  I need all the motivation I can get. :))

They also say that “Insanity is when you keep on doing the same thing and expect a different result.”  Time to quit saying “Someday I’m going to…” and procrastinating a little longer.  I need to choose a new routine, a determined destination.


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