“According to your instructions, I have given birth to twins in the enclosed envelope.”

Thus replied one client when the Dept of Social Services asked her to provide documentation on her newest additions.

For the past two days I’ve been laboring mentally –I’m sure my brain cells have blisters!– and have brought forth two sets of twins.  It started when my husband decided he’d like a blog for his writings – and decided he wanted it on blogspot.  He asked me to set his up (though I knew nothing about blogspot) so I set on up for myself to learn how, then helped him get one set up.  I must say, my first set of twins looked awesome!

Then I spent most of Wednesday studying the Supports & Helps, etc., and concluded I don’t care for blogspot.  It has some really neat features and some total minuses.  You have more flexibility with regard to the appearance of your blog but no central list of Hot Topics (or Popular Tags)–not even a LIKE button.  It’s great if you want to keep your blog as a private “by invitation only” thing.

I prefer WordPress’s system of publicizing new posts, so I spent half of yesterday setting up a site by the same name on WordPress.  When Bob considered all the angles, he decided to switch, too, so I spent another hour or so setting his site up on Word Press.  Hence the second set of twins.

For quite awhile now I’ve contemplated the pros & cons of dividing my blog somehow, but I’m a ditherer by nature. (Ask Bob)  It seemed a good idea in theory; now we’ll see how it works in practice.  This gives you, my readers, a choice of which side of my writings you want to follow — and you’re most welcome to follow both.  (You’re welcome to comment on the matter, too.  Thankfully none of this irreversible.)

So this blog will be for longer poems and articles; my new site, Swallow in the Wind, will be for short stuff: mini-poems, nature-related items, quotes, etc.  I’ll be reblogging a lot of earlier poems, too, in case you’ve missed them the first time.  The address is swallowinthewind.wordpress.com

As I said, my husband is writing about his various musings and some details of his spiritual journey.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy his blog, too.  You’ll find him as The Antiquarian Anabaptist at flatlanderfaith.wordpress.com


2 thoughts on “HEAR YE, HEAR YE

  1. I used to use blogspot. One thing I really liked is it had no “like”. I have gotten some bad ones at WP that required a good eyeball washing and I cannot remove them individually, so just disabled them. But there are other things about WordPress I appreciate.

    For awhile I kept one going at blogspot, but let that one go and focus on my blog here. Oh, it was terrible at Blogspot for awhile as it was too easy to set up a new blog. I think I had ten over there at one time. One site for photos, one for the dog, one for the cat… I hope you get the idea. : )
    I am going to check out your new place.


    • Hi! Thanks for your thoughts. Ten blogs going at once must have been a CHALLENGE! But I can see how a person could end up with half a dozen.
      That’s why I’ve been thinking about this for a long time–not sure just where to divide the sections. I’m still not totally certain, so we’ll have to see how it works. If I didn’t write such a wide variety… 🙂 Thanks for visiting both sites.


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