Auntie Ding-Dong

Francis Gay, editor of The Friendship Book, recalls a neighbour woman whose name was Mrs. Dingle–the children called her “Auntie Ding-dong”. She used to bake bread, put it in a basket, and take it to needy neighbours.

Auntie Ding-dong was kindness personified, the kind of person we’d all like for a neighbour. She had been widowed when she was still quite young, but rather than spend a miserable life of self-pity, she spent her days helping others and spreading cheer. She had a smile for everyone as she walked down the streets carrying her basket of bread.

One day Auntie Ding-dong brought a large, fragrant, still-warm loaf to his house when his mother was in bed with the flu’ and he remembers how the delicious smell made his mouth water.

Someone once asked her whether she ever felt sorry for herself, to which she replied, “Why, I haven’t got the time!” What an unselfish testimony from a dear lady who gave blessings as well as loaves of bread!


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