Oh, not alone for our sakes,
   For our refreshing and rest,
Does God lay His hand on the throbbing nerves
   And quiet the soul oppressed:
And not alone for our pleasure,
   For the sake of our selfish ease,
Does He lift the weight of our burdens,
   Or in the storm speak peace.

We are not storerooms, but channels,
   We are not cisterns, but springs,
Passing our benefits onward,
   Fitting our blessings with wings;
Letting the water flow outward
   To spread o’er the desert forlorn;
Sharing our bread with our brothers,
   Our comforts with those who mourn.

Learning our lessons to teach them
   To others as needy as we;
Lest those who come after should stumble,
   Smoothing a path while we see.
Goodness shall follow our footsteps,
   And angels unnumbered surround;
With glory and honour He crowns us,
   His mercies uncounted abound.
We are weak, but His power upholds us,
   And grants us the courage to live;
We are poor, but He gives us His riches
   That we may have something to give.

Author Unknown


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