Legacy To My Children

Look back across the years and see
the heritage that’s come to thee:
that faithful cloud of witnesses
who’ve gone before, our lives to bless.
Now may you sound their battle cry
and hold the Saviour’s banner high.

Look back across the sands of time
behold their faith, and claim it thine,
which steadfast men and women proved
as in their lives the Spirit moved.
This line’s descended unto thee,
to break it would be tragedy!

Oh, God forbid that our neglect
would teach our children disrespect
for all the truths the saints upheld;
let that same song that in them swelled
and gave them victory o’er the for
be ours to sing, their joys to know.
No prison cell nor threat of death
could quench their faith and it lives yet!

Look back across the years, be strong,
to take your place among that throng.
A race in mists of time begun
now handed down for you to run
the crown, the prize, the victory,
to share with them eternally.


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