The Ugly Quarrel

An ugly quarrel showed its face
and ripped apart some brothers.
It gobbled up their happiness
and quickly spread to others.
Then someone said, “I’m sorry,”
and another, “I was wrong”
And another, “Let’s start over,”
and began to sing a song.

The ugly quarrel wilted.
Indeed, it lost its punch.
No longer did it rip at joy
And gobble it for lunch.
A little love and courtesy,
Like sunlight on the frost,
Had melted all ill feelings,
And the quarrel just got lost.

This poem was written by my dear friend, Margaret Penner Toews
and published in her book of children’s poems: FLY HIGH MY KITE
Printed by Lee Printing, Burns, KS 66840

Margaret’s poem books, Five Loaves and Two Small Fish, Fly High My Kite, First A Fire and Fourth Watch are available from Gospel Publishers.  E-mail:


One thought on “The Ugly Quarrel

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