September Agenda

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It has come to my attention that:
— Our yard is in need of a full-time gardener to prepare the garden & flowerbeds for the winter ahead.
— Our house needs a proper cleaning in preparation for the winter ahead.
— My oldest grand-daughter will be going back to school shortly and needs a bunch of new dresses sewed.  (Point of interest: This is a parochial school run by our church and our girls wear dresses.)
— I am spending too much time on the computer.☹
(Even though I have dozens of things I want to–or feel I must–write yet. ☺)

My first thought was to give up blogging altogether for the month of September.  DON’T EVEN turn the computer on!  However, three things transpired to give me second thoughts on the matter.

1.  A young woman whose blog I follow wrote not long ago that a blog is meant to talk about oneself and one’s own feelings.  Hmm…

As you all have read what I’ve written, are you catching a lot of my feelings?  Seems like the topics I choose to write about, the slant I give them and the answers I suggest, must give a lot away.

Makes me think of my dear friend, Margaret Penner Toews.  She was introduced to another woman one day and when this lady heard that “This is the MPT that writes poetry,” the new acquaintance promptly exclaimed, “Oh, I know all about you!  I’ve read your books.”

Margaret was disconcerted.  She knows ALL about me?  “Writing,” she told me, “is baring your soul for the world to see.”  A writer shares their most intimate thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences and trusts people will be compassionate.  We also hope something we say will connect with someone to meet their need of the moment.  (Perhaps someone can take a lesson from our mistakes?)  But people end up knowing all about us.

2.  I was nominated for an award, which reminded me that I still haven’t done anything about the first two I received awhile back. And the first task is to describe yourself is seven words.   Hmmm…

3.  I happened on this quote from the 18th century clergyman and writer Sydney Smith:
“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little.”  Hmmmm…

I am by nature an “all or nothing” person.  I want to write for most of my waking hours or I don’t want to turn the computer on all month.  I can’t stand to look at the sewing machine or I plan to sew for days–nothing else dare interfere.  I procrastinate with housekeeping until I say, “This is IT!  The whole house needs cleaning.”

Is anyone else out there in Blog-world an “all or nothing” person?  I guess you call that obsessive-compulsive?  (My dear hubby has called it that on more than one occasion. ☺)

A teen girl, commenting on self-discipline in Sunday school one morning, said, “Self-discipline may be hard right at the moment, but it leads to freedom in the end.”  Much as I believe the truth of her statement, I have never been able to install a proper schedule in my hard drive.

But my plan for the month of September is to give self-discipline a shot – at least as far as blogging is concerned.  I’ll post my Awards responses bit by bit each evening, which will include writing about myself and my feelings – and try to keep my posts short.  I’ll also mention some other bloggers and posts that have inspired me.  Plus read your posts. ☺  And I’ll devote myself to those other tasks in the daytime.

My fellow blogger Lilly Green just faced the same quandary: not enough time for the duties September is bringing her.  She has opted to give up some things, too; I had to laugh when I read her post.  I also thought of that verse where Jesus said, “Mary hath chosen that good part….”  Lilly has chosen wisely. 🙂


2 thoughts on “September Agenda

  1. I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I blog steady for a while and then I may leave it alone. I also tend to my house the exact same way you do. Only I recruite my children to help me clean and they often do wonder what has come over me all of sudden and often ask, “Why do you want this done so badly today?”
    You are not alone. Or I am not alone. What a relief!


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