Another Fatal Accident

Meet Me There!

Song by E.G. Taylor

Meet me there, oh, meet me there!  In the heavenly world so fair,
where our Lord has entered in, and there comes no taint of sin;
with our friends of long ago, clad in raiment white as snow
such as all the ransomed wear. – Meet me there. Yes, meet me there!

Meet me there, oh, meet me there!  Far beyond this world of care;
when this troubled life shall cease, meet me where is perfect peace
where our sorrows we lay down for the kingdom and the crown,
Jesus doth a home prepare. – Meet me there. Yes, meet me there!

Meet me there, oh, meet me there!  No bereavements we shall bear;
there no sighings for the dead, there no farewell tear is shed;
we shall – safe from all alarms – clasp our loved ones in our arms
and in Jesus’ glory share. – Meet me there. Yes, meet me there!

This old hymn was written by E.G. Taylor and set to music by George C. Stebbins;
I found it in Gospel Hymns Nos. 1 to 6 Complete
©1895 by The Bigelow & Main Co and The John Church Co.

I’m sending it as a condolence message to our brother & sister Ben & Lucille Ginther; Lucille got word Friday that her uncle Les Toews, her mother’s brother, was killed in an accident near his home at Linden, Alberta.

The accident happened on the highway south of Three Hills – a head-on crash. Investigators suspect some mechanical failure caused him to lose control and veer into the oncoming lane; the two vehicles collided and burned.

Quite a few people here come originally from Linden so a lot of folks knew and/or were related to this 69-year-old Church brother; our service was pretty sober this morning.  At the reception two weeks ago for the Ginthers’ son & his bride we sat across the table from Les and his wife and renewed our acquaintance with them.  (We lived in Linden for a short while years back.)  Hard to believe he’s gone just like that!

Two weeks ago the Ginthers attended the funeral of her 27-year-old cousin Jenny Klassen who was killed in a highway accident in BC.  Our deepest sympathies, dear friends.

There have been several fatal accidents of various kinds this summer in our US & Canadian Church circle.  Ages 15, 26, 27 and now 69.  Our Minister this morning commented that if we haven’t gotten the message yet that life is fleeting, we probably won’t ever.


6 thoughts on “Another Fatal Accident

    • Amen!
      I forgot one accident; a man from Florida, in his upper 60s, was moving dirt with a “cat” and it rolled on him. After years of hardly any accidents we’ve had so many in such a short time. It really makes a person think….


  1. I grew up in Linden, but have recently moved. It makes it hard to know your town is suffering, that people you know are in more pain than any man can help with. Weeks before, a girl I went to school with also died a few km from there on the same highway. Your comment about all the loved ones that have passed on really stuck me, I have been to more funerals from the Linden area than is normal. Sadly, this town is plagued with so many tragedies I am bewildered by the staggering amount. It’s just not normal.
    It hurt to hear my Dad’s voice, he had coffee with Les just hrs before, yet I am thankful I could hear his voice still. May God surround them with more love and comfort than I we know is possible in these earthly bodies. ❤


    • Thanks for leaving a comment, Melanie. Who is your Dad, if I may ask? Perhaps you even know the other people who were killed in that terrible fiery crash? (I imagine they’ve been identified by now.) This must be so awful for their families, too.

      I haven’t heard of any other accidents at Linden recently myself, but it does seem there have been a lot of sudden deaths in our conference in the past few months. Les left a good testimony as a consecrated Christian; that’s worth so much!


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