A Blooming Wonder

SURPRISE OF THE DAY:  My snake plant is blooming!

My sansevieria — aka snake plant & Mother-in-law’s tongue– sits on the living room floor beside a south window enjoying its bright location.  This afternoon when I went to pull the nearby blind down so the sun wouldn’t hit it full force, I noticed this frilly stuff sticking up among the leaves.  A flower!

It’s a bit like a hosta bloom: tiny long pale greenish-yellow flowers on a long shoot.  I never knew that a snake plant would bloom, though I guess it stands to reason.  Hubby says, “You’re so much of a horticulturalist you can even make a snake plant bloom.”  (Or maybe I’m such a poor one that it’s never bloomed before?)  Anyway, the poor plant’s confused: according to the book they are supposed to bloom in spring.

It certainly hasn’t been overwhelmed with TLC in its lifetime; it’s almost bursting its little pot and I’ve been going to transplant it but “round tuits” have been in limited supply hereabouts.

Seeing this plant blooming reminds me of an experience I had one evening years ago; I wrote an article about, so I’ll post that next.

Who –or what– do we love?


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