Good Springs On That Toyota!

Here’s a bit of miscellaneous info that I found rather amazing:

We are regularly receiving letters from missionaries Bill & Ladean in Tanzania; they’ve been there for some months now doing some church-planting.  They write that they “bumped and bounced” to Gabimori in their white Toyota Hilux to conduct a Sunday morning service for the beginning congregation there.

They had taken some folks along and on the way back home they gave a ride to “a few more.” Ladean writes that she counted 30 in the back, 3 on top of the rack, plus 9 inside the cab.

Now that’s what you call a serviceable vehicle.

Bill didn’t fare so well with his new bike, though. “On the first ride one of the pedals fell off during an uphill climb because the lock pin was apparently missing.  Also a nut came off holding the seat down so it flopped around.”

So he repaired the pedal, but then another pivot on the pedal locked up.  Next ride, heading down a steep hill, he dinged the bell to let other bikers ahead know he was passing them — and a part flew off the bell.  One of them kindly retrieved it for him.  Next ride the back tire went flat.  The bike came with an air pump, but when he went to attach it he found the threads were stripped.  He did get the tire pumped again somehow, then on a recent ride it exploded.

But to be fair, he writes, the bike wasn’t made in Tanzania; it was imported from an Asia country.  (And not Japan. 😉 )


Another Blog Award:

Renee from has nominated me for the Lovely Blog Award. Thanks so much, Renee; I appreciate the thought.  I’m finding, though, that a lot of people I follow and would nominate don’t do awards, so I think I’ll pass on this.

Like Lilly Green.  She’s posted a humorous piece about her new “Pyramid blog Award” that gave me a chuckle yesterday.  This should get you there:
(P.S.: If you want to contribute to her award fund remember to send me my $5, too.)


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