STOLEN: One Father

One of the songs brought at our Father’s Day Program in June was “Daddy, Will You Be There For Me?”  That song makes ME sad for all the broken homes, but that evening my heart went out to the young wife sitting beside me and her daughter sitting by her.  That  Daddy has been stolen.

At some point an Enemy crept into a young man’s heart, drugged him with selfishness, bound him and carried him into slavery (a.k.a. “the pleasures of this world.)

Identifying features:  Eyes chronically sad; artificial smile; empty laugh.

May be seen: At parties; with someone else; searching for pleasure.

If you see this young man, please tell him to smarten up and come home.  Tell him his wife misses him; his daughter needs him.  He knows it, but tell him again.

Tell him the death of pride is the beginning of peace.  No one can live long on the cotton candy of “fun & games.”  Tell him that the pain of repentance and taking up his cross again is light compared to the pain of bitter regret he will feel someday.  Likely he knows this, too, but tell him again.

And if you are one of those who has been stolen away from your family, please reconsider; when Satan has taken everything he possibly can from you, he’s going to turn around and throw it in your face just how much you’ve lost.  He loves to rub a person’s nose in “What a fool you’ve been” and scourge us eternally with remorse.  LOVES IT!

Perhaps he’s bound you with the chains of “It’s too late now.  You’ve already lost it all.”  But if you’re reading this, please realize that God is giving you another chance.  It’s not too late yet — but someday it will be.


6 thoughts on “STOLEN: One Father

    • Thanks for your comment. I wish he would allow that; there are folks here who gladly would.

      Sad to say, some folks only “wake up” when they wake up one day dying of AIDS.


      • Christine even this morning I am still in tears and broken over this young man’s folly, maybe because I have been there. He can not escape the prayers of the saints, Amen. James


      • That’s so true. So many family members & church “family” are praying for him. And God is merciful right to the end, as you said before, which is why He lets us choose for ourselves rather than forcing us to do His will.
        It brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it, too. This father’s losing all the blessings of his daughter’s childhood — and robbing her of so much happiness, too.
        Oh, selfishness–you cruel thief!


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