Amee’s Story

“What’s happening?  Why isn’t she crying?” Carol’s husband whispered.

Minutes ticked by as they watched the medical team working on their newborn baby girl.  Almost seven minutes passed before they heard a tiny sound from the baby.  The nurse immediately scooped her up and rushed her out the door.

“What’s wrong?  Why won’t they let me hold my baby?” she asked her doctor.  He explained that the baby had inhaled some of the fluid from her sac of wastes (meconium) as she was being born that caused her some breathing difficulties.  She needed to be in an incubator.

However, days passed and something was still wrong.  Baby Amee was barely breathing, had no strength to nurse.  She was transferred by ambulance to a major Saskatoon hospital; there she lie in an incubator in pediatrics intensive care fighting for her life.  Tests and more tests were ordered.

In addition to breathing in the meconium, the doctors found that Amee had a stroke as she was being born.  Later tests confirmed that the left part of her brain was badly damaged and a small spot in the left frontal lobe was dead.  She was constantly having seizures.  Finally the doctor told them, “I believe there’s a five percent chance she’ll ever walk… or talk… or even leave this hospital.”

Thus began a journey of faith and prayer, a fight for life and strength, hope and understanding.  It involved educating Amee’s teachers about her health issues, also a number of frustrating confrontations with teachers who hoped to “unspoil” Amee by forcing her to do what she could not.

This journey has culminated in the book Amee’s Story, ©2010 Carol Harrison, printed by Guardian Books, Belleville, ON.

Amee has asked her mother to tell her story for God’s glory.  We see in this book His care for His children, His ability to answer prayer far beyond all human prediction.  Carol’s book is a must read for all parents and teachers, especially those who are dealing with handicapped children.


2 thoughts on “Amee’s Story

    • You should see Amee today. She blew the doctor’s predictions to pieces; as a teen she took up running. God answered those prayers 🙂


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