Saturday Morning Notes

I see that my blog now has 150 followers and I want to give you all a big WELCOME.  THANKS for visiting and for following my ramblings.

Autumn is progressing rapidly here; we’re seeing waterfowl from the north lands coming through, lighting on the slough near our place, then moving on.  I think most of the cranes are gone now; last week a flock of 25 or so huge white swans were on the slough, but they left a few days ago.  Now it’s mostly Canada geese gathering and heading south.

One day I saw a flock of geese heading north, which displays an important truth, both spiritual and political:  Don’t follow a leader in blind faith unless you’re certain he’s headed in the right direction.

I’m going to be away from the computer for a good part of the next two weeks.  Other commitments are calling.  I’ve done some re-blogging, some links to other sites and brought some items from my website, but I won’t be posting any “new” musings until November.  So if you don’t hear much from me in the next while, you’ll know why.

I hope to remove some poem & fiction posts in the next while because I’m planning to compile a book of my poems & parables this winter.  I also may try a new theme for this blog, so don’t be surprised if you see a new look.  (And your comments pro or con are welcome.)


5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Notes

  1. Congratulations on the number of followers. 🙂 I heard and then saw two Canadas flying north today. I suspect those are resident birds finding a new spot to feed. I missed hearing these birds during the summer.


    • We get a lot of birds circling around between here and the river, strengthening their wings for the long haul most likely. But when I saw that flock so confidently following their leader straight north it seemed a good illustration of a truth. 🙂


      • It was a good illustration. 🙂 We just used to be thoroughly confused whenever we saw geese flying north when we thought they should have been heading south. Later, we learned it was the year-round geese going to a new spot.

        Oh, I read the story on your husband’s blog about the father goose. I enjoyed that. I actually did a little looking to find out who Jack Miner was. I thought it was neat he put Bible verses on the bird bands.


  2. Congratulations on the followers, Christine. I’m thankful to be one of them.
    Your “truth” brought to mind a charge that a preacher gave a church that was ordaining a minister to be their new pastor. He charged them to follow close behind the new pastor – but keep a constant look over his shoulder to make sure he was following close behind Jesus.


    • That is so imperative, not only for a pastor, but also for the whole denomination. There just are “winds of doctrine” out there that blow not only people, but churches off course. (We can be so much like the Children of Israel.)


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