I Tour the Scottish Lowlands

“Let’s go, shall we?  Just the two of us?”

This opportunity was too good to miss, so I packed my flight bag and was off to visit “the lowlands.”  We stayed at some lovely “bed & breakfast” spots, fared sumptuously –even ate at a place Bobby Burns frequented– and toured the shops, castles, craigs and kirks of bonny Scotland.  Liz Curtiss-Higgs was my awesome guide on this journey and I enjoyed every minute!

Liz has written a number of historical romances set in the southwestern part of Scotland; in My Heart’s in the Lowlands she invites you to accompany her on a tour of Dumfries and Galloway. She vividly describes castle ruins, ancient churches, Bobby Burns’ home town, local accommodations, food, shops and customs.

I enjoyed this book very much when I read it the first time but when I discovered later that my Vance ancestors came from Galloway, the travelogue took on a whole new meaning for me.

My Heart’s in the Lowlands – Ten days in Bonny Scotland
© 2007 by Liz Curtis Higgs, published by WaterBrook Press.


2 thoughts on “I Tour the Scottish Lowlands

    • I haven’t got solid proof of this yet; I’ve concluded we connect with those other Vances that came from Scotland and settled in Oxford county, but I’d have to go and research the archives there if I want to get serious proof.


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