Nippy November!

New Critter Around Our House:

The little stray I found on our doorstep last week has been at the vet being treated for parasites, getting his first shots, then getting neutered.  I haven’t been able to find a new owner for him yet, so Bob brought him home yesterday.  I’ll keep working at finding someone who’d like to have him.  It’s a bit discouraging: everyone I’ve asked so far already has a cat or two, or seven, and there are so many “Free to good home” cats and kittens on Kijiji.

But in the meantime our own two cats, both black, are going through an ”adjustment” having this little cream-coloured spook wandering the house.  (At least he seems like a spook when he pads around in the early morning.)  They want none of him — though they’d be happy to polish off his kitten chow.  I seems to have a lot more appeal than their “weight-control formula for older indoor cats.” Kind of like pizza as compared to low-fat lasagna.  Can you blame them?

He’s about 5 months old, a flame point Siamese.  He’s pretty docile; it doesn’t faze him that Panda & Angus hiss and growl when he tries to be friends; good thing he doesn’t respond in kind or we’d have war for sure.

Next we need to call him something.  (You know you’re getting old when you can’t think of new names for a cat anymore.)  I googled the matter and sure enough: there are dozens of sites offering names for your precious puss.  I told Bob that since the little guy’s Siamese and he’s bounced around we could call him Ping Pong, but he didn’t think much of that.

We had snow and cold weather last month, then we had a little respite; the past few days have been quite mild.  I think most folks would call that our “Indian summer” but it’s over now.  Last night it snowed big fluffy flakes and this morning the world is white again.  I consulted the weather site this morning and see daytime highs of only -9°, -11°, -13° (16°, 12°, 8.6° F) with night time lows of -12°, -16°and -21°;  (10.4°, 3° and -5.8°F) for the next few days.  Nippy November!

Last night I cut out a dress for my granddaughter, so my project for today is assembling that.  I was wakened at 5:30 am with cats wanting food or to be let out.  Of course as soon as they see the snow they sit down right in the open door to contemplate whether they really want out or not.  It felt fairly mild, though, only -3° at that point.

Last week I joined two of the LinkedIn groups for writers; now I’ve been seeking help online to get some ideas on writing journals and memoires.  We had our monthly writers’ group meeting on Monday, setting things in place for our writers’ conference in April, and the other members asked if I could teach a workshop on these subjects.  Any good advice to offer?

I wonder how many of you others are connected to LinkedIn?  I decided to look through all the groups they list to see if anything else would interest me, but I got only to about Page 6 and gave up.  There are scads and scads of groups listed!

When I was up early this morning I started musing on the US elections and all the posts I’ve read pertaining to that in the past few weeks.  This afternoon I put some of my thoughts down and will add them as a separate post.  You may think I’m right out to lunch, but that’s what a blog is, right?  A chance to spout off. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Nippy November!

  1. Christine, I think Spook is a good name for your little new family member sure glad you do not to close to me or Spook might be living at my home! For we have two mini dachshunds, a mix poodle, and of course Tigger. Then a friend wants us to take in another mini dachshund that was left in a box on a vets door step, she is very beautiful long hair mini awaiting the birth of puppies so I am told. I have not seen her nor has my wife for our house may have been her new home! God Bless, James


    • The last time I rescued a stray (Angus) I resolved, “from now on I’m just having the vet put stray cats down. It’s too costly to mess with them.” But this guy was too attractive.

      My husband does book-keeping for our soft-hearted vet, which also puts us in more danger yet. She has 2 cats there that are needing homes, too. She & I should never have met each other!

      Good luck in not providing another home for that pooch! (She sounds adorable. How could you refuse? What’s one more. ;))


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