Here’s a quote for you ladies to tack on your fridges where your spouses can read it:

“Remember: when all is said and done, you married the woman because of all the things you find annoying about her, not in spite of them.  if you’d wanted someone more comprehensible, you’d have married yourself.
—  Stanley Bing

One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gone along through life:
The quality you find most appealing about your partner when you’re doing the choosing is the exact same quality that annoys you the most when you’re living with them.

A woman of my acquaintance, quite timid by nature, married a man of a carefree, enthusiastic, outgoing personality.  In later years she found herself mortified a number of times when he’d just drop in on people unannounced and stay to visit.  All the while she was picking up the distinct feeling they were inconveniencing their hosts.

Another friend married a man who was more laid-back, not “always after the money.”  She needed to stretch her dollars pretty far once the family came along and he wasn’t always very motivated to go to work.

By nature we sense our own lack and choose our partners because we need someone to complement us.  But this balancing process takes a lot of love and patience, “forbearing one another and forgiving one another.” See Ephesians 4:32.


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