Twenty-odd years back, a penpal from Australia sent me a little clipping from their newspaper.  As I recall, it went something like this:

A woman whose name we won’t mention stopped for a break recently, bought a chocolate bar and took it into a cafe.  She purchased a coffee and located the last unoccupied table.  She sat down to enjoy her break.

As she was sipping her coffee a man came along who couldn’t find any free tables; with a nod and an apologetic smile he took the opposite chair at her table.  Then, to her amazement, he took the chocolate bar, unwrapped it actually ate half.

She grabbed the remaining half out of his hand and downed it in a few quick bites.  The man gave her a queer look, took his coffee and went to buy a bun.  With a perplexed glance in her direction, he found another table.

The woman finished her coffee and gathered up her things.  As she walked past his table on her way out, she decided to get her own back.  She grabbed the bun off the tray in front of him and took a big bite, set the bun down again and walked out.  That’ll teach him, she thought.

At her car she opened her handbag to get her keys — and there was her bar, right where she’d put it when she paid for it.

“It’s better to be the head of a mouse than the tail of a lion.” — Old Spanish proverb.

Jump to conclusions and you may land in a fluster.



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