I lost the world with its sin and shame
when I found Jesus, O praise His name!
I lost my sorrow, what blessed loss!
When I found mercy at Calvary’s cross.

I lost my love for its gilded toys;
I found the riches of endless joys.
I lost a heart just as hard as stone;
I found a blessing before unknown.

I lost a burden of guilt and sin;
I found a rest, perfect rest, within.
I lost my blindness and now I see,
Light dawned upon me at Calvary.

I lost the fetters that held me fast;
I found a freedom from sin at last.
I lost the world and the world lost me;
“Thanks be to Jesus,” my song shall be.

I lost the world and the world lost me
when I found pardon at Calvary;
I lost all my sadness, but I found peace and gladness
when I lost the world and the world lost me.

Words and Music ©1924 by Haldor Lillenas

This is an inspiring hymn I found years ago in an old hymnal.  I’m sorry it has been forgotten because it contains such a clear testimony of the difference conversion makes in a person’s life.


2 thoughts on “I LOST THE WORLD

  1. Christine, This week-end I have noticed so much old and new praise going before the Throne, from around the world, Amen. Maybe the Abba Father is getting ready to do something BIG! Just something that is passing through my mind? Blessings and all prayers my sister, James


    • Isn’t it amazing, too, that our human minds can hardly grasp what our Heavenly Father would plan as a “BIG” event? The Pharisees thought of a Messiah coming with pomp and power, but the BIG event was a baby born in an obscure village — and we’re still celebrating His birth!
      I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving and “the peace of God which passeth all understanding will keep your hearts and minds” all through December.


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