I Corinthians 13 for the Christian Writer

Though I dedicate my whole life to writing and sit at my desk for hours every day turning out novels by the score, if God’s work is not accomplished it profiteth me nothing.

Though I master every writing technique, use wisely every metaphor and verb, and craft vivid, flowing prose, if I have not laboured together with God it profiteth me nothing.

Though my readers be moved to rapture or tears by my vivid portrayal of emotions, if my work does not impress the soul on behalf of my loving Father it profiteth me nothing.

Though I have the keenest editing ability and can present my thoughts clearly and concisely, if I do not submit my life and work to God’s correction it profiteth me nothing.

Though I understand all aspects of marketing, so that publishers and bookstores call me, begging to sell my stories, if I have not promoted His goodness and mercy it profiteth me nothing.

Though I make the best-seller list so often that my name becomes a household word, if His purpose for my life isn’t fulfilled it profiteth me nothing.

Though people line up at my book signings, invite me to be guest speaker at numerous functions, and pay me to give writing workshops, if I fail to honor my Heavenly Father and give Him all the glory it profiteth me nothing.

Though I become rich beyond my wildest dream and can afford exotic vacations every winter, if the “pearl of great price” is not mine it profiteth me nothing.

If I forget about “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world”; if I start to seek for the accolades and all the perks, the love of the Father will not be in me, nor will it radiate out to others through my writings.

If my writing becomes an escape from reality, where my important people live — my family, my friends, my Christian brothers & sisters — I have lost life’s greatest blessing.

If I forget my main goal: “Whatsoever you do, in word or deed, do all to the honor and glory of God,” I will have wasted my time, talent, and opportunity no matter how the world applauds me.


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