The Artist Lives Her Dream Via The Muse

Continued from yesterday…

So where can I find the time to add another hobby to my life?  I have my husband, my home, grandchildren that I don’t spend half enough time with; I also have a friend whose dependence on me increases as she approaches her 80th year.

I belong to a Christian Writer’s group that meets once a month and we put on a one-day writers’ conference in April.  Being secretary for the group I do up the monthly minutes, put together an E-news every second month, do a lot of regular and e-mailing in early spring to advertise the Conference.

I have two blogs, several books on the go, plus a number of penpals – if they haven’t given up on me.  I haven’t been faithful at all this year — too busy writing blog posts to write letters.

I enjoy sewing when I get to it and definitely should sew more, both for myself and the grand-girls.  I (used to) knit, piece quilt tops and could also devote hours to sewing together squares for comforter tops our Sewing Circle makes blankets with.

I have a green thumb with houseplants –at least as far as African violets are concerned.  I give them minimal care; they bloom their little hearts out and keep on multiplying.  Every now and then I try to reduce the number, but I can’t find enough homes for them.  I’ve threatened to toss them but Bob protests; he likes flowers.

In summer there’s our yard, garden and flower beds, which could be made into a beautiful spot if only I’d devote serious time to that.  I should also take up walking and other exercise or the good of my health.  Plus I have this part-time cooking job.

In August of 2010 I took over looking after the 30-gallon aquarium at the senior’s residence where I work, and have since gotten a 24-gallon one of my own.  Another hobby.  Then there are my three cats, two of which are very lively and bored with having to stay indoors these chilly days.  Some mornings I feel like I’ve just spent an hour in the role of doorman, letting one in, the other out.  They keep hoping the weather will have improved.

The perfect answer would be to divide myself into four or five people.  I could give each a full-time position and finally have some time for myself once. ☺ We could eat decent meals, live in a spotlessly clean house and enjoy our little park outside while the author’s advances and royalty cheques roll in.  Oh, I can dream!

One of these busy women would bear the title, “Word & canvas artist.”  She’d turn out as many novels as Nicholas Sparks or Wanda Bruschetter, poetry books and some Monet-type paintings.  Or even blobs, dashes and squiggles. (In time I may have to split her in two also.

Some days I simply fantasize about finishing all the projects I have started, then not starting anything new ever again.  Is it any wonder my husband discourages more hobbies?  Any cures or recommendations you can offer for ‘Multiple Hat Syndrome’?

Someday I may actually give in to this longing – at least on a small scale.  I’ll buy a canvas and some paints, maybe blue, tan, brown, and yellow.  I’ll slosh on a dark blue background, make vertical streaks of brown and tan, dab yellow cubes in those and call it “City Lights.”  Or “Travels Through Time.”  I’m guessing a good title is half the retail value.  And I’ll chuckle all the way to the bank.

Actually I may start with splashes and dashes, but then I’d decide it has to look like something, so I’d end up spending five or six hours on the fine details of a house and flower garden.  I love drawing flowers; doodle them everywhere.

Then somewhere in all this dreaming another thought slips in:
“For you, painting would be another hobby, something you’d do to please yourself.  Writing is a calling, a ministry to others.  You share your experiences and inspirations to shed light on the Christian pathway, to point your grandchildren to that safe path, to glorify God.  You’ll someday have to answer for the inspirations God has sent you.  Where is your first responsibility?”

Valid points. And so I keep on writing, trying to be a faithful servant to the One who has bought me with a price. (I Corinthians 6:20)

Maybe someday the Lord will give the go-ahead for me to try my hand at painting.  But in the meantime I’ve created a word picture that I wish could morph into a middle-grades children’s book.  The heroine is a young lady starting out in the workforce, determined to make her way in the world.  She tries various jobs but – like me – she’s hopeless at multi-tasking so she takes a simple job.  However, the artist in her soul still struggles for expression – and one day she finds the perfect outlet.  (I’ll live my dream through her success.)

Her name is Smidgie.  I hope you get the chance to meet her next year.


2 thoughts on “SO MANY HATS, SO FEW HEADS

  1. Now that’s very true! Perhaps I should do like you and go to a once-a-week post. The way weeks fly by it will seem like every other day anyway. 🙂
    I’m planning to stop for the rest of December; most people will likely be too busy to follow blogs these next few weeks.


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