Some wit made the wise crack one day that “You’re old when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it.”

Well, I’ve never made it a practice of lying about my age; this year I certainly won’t. I’m very much looking forward to turning 60 in a few months. The number itself is reason enough for a huge party but the very best comes a month later: my first cheque from the Canadian government!

It will truly be “the gift that keeps on giving.” Every month for as long as the sun shines, the rivers run, I live, and the country stays solvent.

You see, since my husband is over 65, I can apply for the Spouse’s Allowance at age 60 – this being a partial pension paid out to wives whose husbands are already receiving the old age pension. In fact they sent me an application form right after my last birthday and I sent it back with all the pertinent info. (As in “YES! Yes, I want it!”)

Sixty is a nice age to reach, don’t you think? And I thank God that I have made it this far on the journey of life. “Twenty-nine plus interest,” I tell folks. I can’t hold a candle to William A Miller of Topeka Indiana, though.

My husband gets “THE BUDGET”, a newspaper from Sugarcreek, OH, designed for Amish and Mennonite communities throughout the Americas.  Many “Budget scribes” from communities all over North & South America submit news columns to this paper, including my husband.

We read an announcement in the Dec 12th issue about Mr. Miller’s 100th birthday that was to be celebrated the next day, Lord willing. According to son Eli, the elderly Mr. Miller still takes care of most of his personal needs and is not on any prescription medication.

Celebrating with him are his 13 living children, 80 grandchildren and 362 great-grands – which makes 524 living descendants. He was preceded in death by his wife, one son, three grandsons and three great-grandchildren.

Oh, to be so healthy at 100, eh? I’m not much more than half-way there and already have one prescription (since my thyroid conked out sometime after chemo-therapy) and two hearing aids. ☹

Walter Smith, a retired farmer in our community, got his picture in the paper when he turned 100 last summer. Lately we saw a picture of the elderly couple when he and his wife celebrated their 78th Anniversary. She’s had Alzheimer’s for some years and is in a care facility, but both have passed the 100 mark and are still mobile, if I understand rightly. Walter still lives in his own home with his daughter Sandy keeping house for him.

Here are a few interesting quotes about Life and Aging:

One of the secrets of a long and fruitful life is to forgive everybody and everything before you go to bed at night.  — Bernard Baruch
(This may be a toughie, depending on the offense, but if you really can’t forgive and forget, you can still leave it in God’s hands and let Him deal with the offender.)

You know you’re getting old when you can make those wrinkles you see in the mirror disappear just by taking off your glasses.
(I can do even better: I can make my glasses disappear just by taking them off and setting them down on the counter.)

If you are planning for a year, plant a garden. If you are planning for a decade, plant fruit trees. If you are planning for a century, plant kind deeds.


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