Another Year of Blogging

Like all the rest of you, I got a nice report from the WordPress helper monkeys on December 31st. According to them I made 234 posts and had 7400 visits. Thank you, everyone, for stopping in!

I want to let you all know that I treasure you all and the input you’ve had in my blog this past year, all the Likes and Comments. Your encouragement has really helped me to work at the craft of writing, also to share some good things the Lord has done for me. I could and did write before, sporadically, but now I have a reason to write. Your Likes –and even the posts you haven’t liked– have been teaching me more about writing for others.

I’m not struggling with “writer’s block” as I head into this New Year; I have dozens of ideas bouncing around in my head. If only I can catch them all and tack them down I should have material for many more blog posts!

According to the stats, my most popular post — if one might call it that — was on Sept 17, when the details of Les Toews’ tragic accident received 123 views. He was a very well-known and liked man in the Linden area, a mechanic and a volunteer firefighter. No one  has ever found out just what made him veer into the path on an oncoming pickup truck; all the evidence went up in a fiery ball. Police concluded it must have been mechanical failure of some sort.

I actually started this blog on January 17, but then I started Swallow in the Wind on June 7 and have received no stats for that, so I don’t know if the “views” statistics are combined or if I’ve only gotten the stats for Christine’s Collection. I do wish Swallow in the Wind could be a totally separate entity but I can’t make comments under that name; all the comments I make are headed by “christineevelynvance” so fewer people see the Swallow name.

This past week or so I’ve spent many hours polishing the appearance of my blogs. For my main blog I bought the Customizing package Word Press was offering, which accounts for the new fonts & colours you see on this blog. I’ve learned a lot more about downloading from Google Images to get new headers and such, too.

I have a dream of publishing a book this spring, a compilation of all my fiction and selected poems. To this end I recently started another blog, this one private; I’ll send this link to proof-readers, editors and publishers to test the waters, but I will likely go the self-publishing route. I’ve named that blog (If you can view it, please let me know because you shouldn’t be able to.)

Anyway, I do hope and pray that 2013 will be a great year for all of us. If not materially, then spiritually; may God lead us to a closer walk with Him in this new year. And here’s a practical New Year’s life plan for us all — author unknown — from the 1997 Friendship Book:

No grumbling, no sulking, no feuding, no fighting,
  But looking and planning for things to delight in!
No hating the state of the world every minute,
  But seeking and finding the beauty that’s in it.
No worrying and letting your troubles confound you,
  But laughing and liking the people around you!

P. S.:
A special thanks to my most frequent commenters. Their blogs are well worth checking out.

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6 thoughts on “Another Year of Blogging

  1. Thanks Christine. Beautiful post. Congrats on your ‘one year’ of blogging. I am happy to have had the chance to meet you through your wonderful stories. hugs. Renee 🙂


  2. Good way to approach the New Year – glad to “hear” the enthusiasm and hopefulness. Thanks for the mention of my blog – I’ve certainly enjoyed our exchanges through the year.


  3. I was going to make a comment when I first read your post but had to rush out! I am sure our Lord has many words of wisdom He wishes you to pass on this coming New Year. Here is to listening to our Lord and passing on to the world His Great Love, Amen. Thank-you also mentioning Men of One Accord in your Great blog. His Blessing I pass on to You, Amen.


  4. Thank you, James. I’m probably a bit like you; ideas bounce in and out of my head all day. I lack the time and concentration to catch them and get them down on paper. But I’ve heard so many interesting and inspirational experiences from other people as well as wanting to write down my own. Then more thoughts come as I read Bible verses, an angle I hadn’t thought of before….


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