The Creator of Beauty

On New Year’s morning I looked out my west window and took note of the brilliant light blue sky ridged with bands of clouds running clear across from northwest to southeast. It appeared as though a number of furrows had been plowed across the heaven and gently dusted with snow in the night.

I thought of that again when I read this quote by clergyman/writer/poet Charles Kingsley:

“Never lose an opportunity for seeing anything beautiful. Welcome it in every fair face, every fair sky, every fair flower, and than Him for it, who is the foundation of all loveliness.”

A Bible verse comes to mind:
“The Lord is good to all: and His tender mercies are over all His works.” Psalm 145:9

When tragedies and evil deeds happen men are inclined to wail, “How can God be ‘good to all’ when He allows these things?” But we have no idea how much more suffering there would be in this old world if God wasn’t showing mercy to individuals every day and restraining a lot of evil.


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