Blogging is a Learned Art; Interesting Articles

I just read an article on prayer by J S Park and you’ll see below that I’ve reblogged it. However, I did want to add a few comments and have never reblogged anything before, so didn’t realize it would go directly onto my site.

His remark about surveys showing that pastors spend five minutes a week in prayer made me want to fall on my knees and pray for God’s children. Yes, for those pastors endeavoring to preach the Word of God, that they’ll have more meaningful communication with Him, but also because it convicts me of my own negligence in this matter. I need more meaningful communication with Him, too.

“Not the pastor, not the deacon, but it’s me, O Lord, standing in the need of prayer…”

I’ve been doing some soul-searching lately, wondering if there are things in my life that are displeasing to, or a distraction from, serving the Lord. A few days ago as I was paging through the latest Christianity Today, the title of an article struck me. Not just “Oh, this is interesting.” It hit the nail on the head. My head.

“Imprisoned by Choice” by writer Barry Cooper went clear through to my conscience and spoke me about the distractions of my life. My unwillingness to make decisions. My fear of making the wrong choice.

He talks about the false god of “open options,” one that promises such freedom but ties you in knots. Should I do this or do that? I just don’t know. If I commit to this then I won’t be free to go with that. We end up unwilling or unable to totally commit to anything because we need to keep our options open.

Two different non-Christian relatives informed me that they were with their current boyfriends “until someone better comes along.” Keeping their options open. Both of them have had a lot of “options” over the years.

My own options aren’t nearly so drastic, but they can fill my mind and bounce around up there, refusing to be caught and tacked down. I want to badly to write and share the inspirations I feel the Lord has given me. I also want so badly to play with my grandchildren, keep my house cleaner, get caught up with my sewing (for granddaughters and myself and piece some blanket tops for the Sewing Circle.)  Each thing is important in its own right and this isn’t some new dilemma for me, but a growing one.

Now JSPark’s article on prayer touchings somewhat the same chord: I find myself distracted by shiny stuff, too. Or the computer screen. Or a dozen other things that should be done right now — and communion with my Heavenly Father gets pushed into “later, as soon as…”

As to God hearing and answering our prayers, my mind goes back to a time when my teenage daughter needed to get a handle on some issue. I didn’t feel I should sit her down and lecture; I rather prayed the Lord would show her the answers she needed to find.

For several days, whenever I thought about it I prayed for this. Later she told me how the Lord had showed her…  And there was her answer.

So if you think of it, say a prayer for me as I try to deal with all this indecision. Your comments are welcome, too. 🙂



13 thoughts on “Blogging is a Learned Art; Interesting Articles

  1. Amen Christine…..! without prayer – what does any of that other stuff really matter? For me….prayer gives me perspective on everything..that nothing else can! God Bless!


  2. OH Christine. I totally understand what you are saying and I will say prayers for you as well. Prayer is such an important part of our lives and at times it seems that life is so busy. Too busy! I am the same, there is so much I want to do. I am praying to learn the balance with my blog and my other hobbies and so much more that is a huge, important part of my life. Have a wonderful day. 🙂 Prayers and hugs. Renee 🙂


    • Thanks Renee. I think a lot of women do and I don’t know if life is “too busy” or my mind is just too full? There are so many more options now and all those options themselves make for stress.
      I.e., Grandma had two sizes of washboard to choose from; we can select from half a dozen colours of washer & dryer with how many different features. When you want to paint your bathroom, you bring home dozens of paint sample cards to choose the right shade of whatever. I’ve spent hours examining the 200+ themes WordPress offers to find the best one for my blogs. (And could have written four articles in that time!) Etc. Mr. Cooper talks about all that in his article.
      Maybe my personality is too accommodating to the “I just can’t decide” syndrome and being distracted by “Hey, you’d better do that first,” when I sit down with my Bible for a time of reading and prayer?


      • They used wringer washers back in the ‘good ole days’. I used one myself many years ago, ha ha.
        It seems this technology just keeps us to busy and it truly is finding that balance. I know it is for me. Somehow we will figure it all out Christine. 🙂


      • I did, too, when we were first married. When my Grandma was first married there was no electricity here in the West, hence no “automatic” wringer washers. My mother-in-law talked of all the clothes she scrubbed on the board; they were fourteen children. Talk about sore backs and red hands! And in fall her brothers went on harvest crews and came back with lice, so everything had to be boiled, too. I have too much time to think, I guess. 🙂


      • lol..We are blessed considering how much hard work our grandparents did hey. Yes, My GrandMaman used wash boards and actually my own Mama did many years ago. I remember her telling me stories and just like you said, the red hands and sore backs. Many memories. Have a good day Christine. 🙂


  3. Christine, Some time back I wrote a post called Prayer is a Discipline, I do not know if it will help, in it is hints on how my prayer life started. Prayer to me has become a part of me something that is like the air I breath. There are times I just have to fight for time to pray. Satan is always throwing road blocks in the way of prayer. If something is trying to steal time I pray, when I type I pray, when driving I pray, I pray before I leave for work, I pray when I get to work, I pray at lunch time and forget to eat many times, even when my body is screaming for sleep, I say no to sleep I pray. I have forever to rest after my time here is done. Prayer is a Discipline. Yes I am praying for as I type, Yes the Holy Spirit will help you all that you need is to say yes to Him. Much prayer and love in Christ Jesus I have for you, Amen. James


    • Thanks for your prayers. I’ll definitely go back and read that post. I feel, too, that Satan is throwing roadblocks in the way, mostly with thoughts popping into my head of what I all else I should do. But you’re right: it is a discipline — also the greatest privilege we’ll ever have in this world, apart from finding peace with God.

      It seems the older I get the harder it is to concentrate; I’ve memorized a lot of scriptures in my younger days, but now when I try to learn one verse, an hour later I have no clue where it’s found or what it’s about. Same with reading letters and books. I start and before long have set it down and forgotten all about it.


  4. Christine, I understand the dilemma of deciding. One way that is helping me is to remember my priorities. If I feel it is important to volunteer at my children’s school then I will have time for it. And for sure I should have time to pray. And if I have a proper view of God I find it so much easier and more meaningful to pray. I will pray for you. And do the same for me.


    • Hi Lisa. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your encouraging comment. I get stuck on the “deciding my priorities” part. Think of being in a class room and ten children all want your help with their project. They’re all insistently waving their stuff in front of your face. As soon as you pick one to help, the others all yell, “No, ME, ME!” Finally you can’t think straight anymore.
      I’ve never been a disciplined person and have gone through life not finishing things. I don’t realize I’m doing this until others point it out to me. (Two co-workers told me, “You never finish anything!”) My husband thinks I have ADHD.
      I KNOW I’m obsessive-compulsive; once I do start something I get so absorbed in it –especially thought patterns! — that all else is forgotten. That’s all I want to do until something else comes along and sweeps that away; half a day later it’s totally out of my mind. I’ve always had these tendencies, but getting older has really brought them out!
      If there’s a remedy for all of this, I’d love to find it. I wasn’t meaning that I don’t ever find time for prayer, but that I wish I could be praying more during the day.


  5. I don’t know if this will help as I know that each person’s life and walk is unique – but I treat prayer like any other necessity in life by making room for it and setting a priority for it. I rarely miss breakfast and I rarely miss morning prayer time because they are part of my routine. It feels odd if I miss either. I can’t wait until I feel like it because we are in a battle and like soldiers we must engage whether we feel like it or not. Often the feelings follow the choice and I enjoy the closeness with the Lord – other times it is simply an act of faith and obedience. Either way there is peace. Answered prayer is worth any effort we have made.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


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