God’s Promise

God’s Promise

God’s promise is not freedom
from trials in the race
but power to transcend them
through His sufficing grace.
Not rest instead of labour
but in the labour rest.
Not calm instead of tempest
but calm when sore distressed.

Not light instead of darkness,
not joy instead of grief
but brightness in the midnight
and in the woe, relief.
Not gain instead of losses,
not ease instead of pain
but balm upon the anguish
and losses bringing gain.

Not strength instead of weakness,
not smile instead of tears,
not peace instead of conflict,
not song instead of fears
but weakness filled with power
and tears with radiance spread
and peace amid the battle
and song e’er fears are fled.

Author Unknown


3 thoughts on “God’s Promise

  1. Christine, Did you do this just for me? Is it ok if I think so? It Is strange the claim I have in my soul, it may be because I have walked far enough and long with Christ to know that I know He is the Great I AM. A thought came to mind, did Satan think I had to much pride not to ask others to pray for me? Sometimes a teacher must live what he teaches, Amen! Bless you my sister, james


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