Over the years I’ve stashed away bits and pieces of thoughts and poems. A lot of these scribblings predate our computer and have been stored in a folding file box that’s been carted from Ontario to Quebec to Sask.

Today I went through my file box and pulled out a stack; it’s time to either trash them or finish them for blog posts or for the poetry book I’m in the process of compiling.Β  Here’s one of my mid-80’s musings:

P – prayerfully seeking His will
L – loving Him above all else
E – eyes open to what he wants us to see; ears open to His voice
A – asking for forgiveness when we fail
S – seeing sin as He sees it, especially our own “failings”
I – inviting others to meet our Lord
N – never giving in to self-pity or excuses
G – giving thanks in all circumstances

T – trusting Him for the victory over temptation
O – open with others so they can help us in our Christian walk

G -going the second mile in love and compassion
O – obedience to His will
D – denying ungodliness and lust


6 thoughts on “PLEASING TO GOD

    • I think every writer does. What makes me sad is that some folks have stashes that have never seen the light of day and never will as long as they’re living. I talked to someone not long ago that had inherited his wife’s aunt’s stash. Let’s get our stashes posted, Lilly. πŸ™‚


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