There’s a road that leads to a city,
down which all mankind must go;
the wise, the rich, the needy,
the humble and the low.
It’s been marked by many footprints
as the years have come and gone’
there are sign-posts at the crossroads
to direct each traveller on.

When you start out for that city
there’s a highway broad and wide,
here the thoroughfare is crowded,
but from it you turn aside.
There a straight and narrow pathway
ever leading to the right;
as you look along before you
you can see the city light.

Many friends have reached that city
though the road seemed rough and long;
if you heed each warning sign-post
in your path, you’ll never go wrong.
When you reach that wondrous city,
beaming forth its radiant light,
you’ll rejoice that you have chosen
the pathway to the right.

Written by a fellow Saskatchewan poet, Rob Lobb, born around 1893
Taken from his book PLAIN FOLKS,
second edition published 1961 by Modern Press, Saskatoon, SK.


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