Old Grandma Shoes

Author Unknown

When I was very little
all the Grandmas that I knew
were wearing the same kind
of ugly grandma shoes.
You know the kind I mean. . .
clunky-heeled, black, lace-up kind.

They just looked so very awful
that it weighed upon my mind,
for I knew, when I grew old,
I’d have to wear those shoes.
I’d think of that, from time to time;
it seemed like such bad news.

I never was a rebel;
I wore saddle shoes to school,
and next came ballerinas
then the sandals, pretty cool
and then came spikes with pointed toes,
then platforms, very tall.

As each new fashion came along
I wore them, one and all.
but always, in the distance,
looming in my future there,
was that awful pair of ugly shoes,
the kind that Grandmas wear.

I eventually got married
and then I became a Mom.
Our kids grew up and left
and when their children came along
I knew I was a Grandma
and the time was drawing near
when those clunky, black, old lace up shoes
was what I’d have to wear.

How would I do my gardening
or take my morning hike?
I couldn’t even think about
how I would ride my bike!
But fashions kept evolving
and one day I realized
that the shape of things to come
was changing, right before my eyes.

And now, when I go shopping
what I see fills me with glee,
or, in my socks and Reeboks
I’m as comfy as can be.
I look at all these little girls…
and there, upon their feet
are clunky, black, old Grandma shoes!
I really think that’s neat.


I had to laugh when I read this!  Fashion statement of the day: What goes around comes around again. ☺

However, I never thought we’d see platform shoes again because so many girls broke their ankles falling off the things, I was sure they’d been declared a safety hazard.  Yet here they are again.

I’ve also seen those “winged” eyeglass frames like I wore in the late 50’s make a comeback and pass again.  I hope I don’t see them again, though; you know you’re REALLY old when you see a fashion you wore in your teens come around for the THIRD time.

But I am looking forward to the return of the fashion where jeans are worn clean, unfaded & no holes.


3 thoughts on “Old Grandma Shoes

    • Yes, I remember “high hair” from my early teens, going to a beauty salon and having mine “backcombed” into a bird’s nest that was quite a chore to comb out the next day. I hope no females have to go through that again.
      It’s my contention that fashion has never been kind to women. Many styles and “looks” were downright cruel, including the present emaciated look. We pity the poor Chinese women of ancient times who had their feet bound so they couldn’t walk, but I’m not sure our society is doing much different.
      Whoops! I must not get started.


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