The Colours Of Heaven

Bill at Unshakable Hope wrote about a wonderful dream he had:

For some time I’ve been wanting to share with you a dream I had about fourteen years ago, so maybe I’ll follow his lead and do that today.

As if I were an observer watching from the side and slightly above, I saw myself walking along a sandy path that wound through the lawn in a lovely park.  At first I was farther away, but the path curved and I came closer.  It was a bright day, but I never saw the sun and there were no shadows.

On my right these tall gladiola-type flowers were growing and I paused to look into the huge coral blossoms with white throats.  I stood there awhile just overwhelmed by the intensity of the colours.  Then I came father along the path (closer to me the viewer) where more of these lovely flowers were blooming on my left and again I stopped to examine them.
As I stood there taking in the glory of the place and the flowers, a brilliant hummingbird, large as a cat, flitted up beside me to gather nectar from the blooms.  The bird was so tame; it just hovered around me and I was dazzled by its colours: the feathers on its head and back glittered like blue and green diamonds.

I reached out to touch it and it stayed right there; I petted its soft cheek feathers just like you might a kitten.

Just a few strokes, then poof, it was gone and so was my dream.  I awoke with the feeling that I’d seen a small glimpse of Heaven.  I was so sorry to wake up!  But I’ve never lost the beauty or wonder of it; the scene is still as vivid in my mind as when it happened.

Was it really a glimpse into Heaven?  How will I know until I get there?  But if my dream was only an imagination my own mind put together, I still comfort myself that Heaven will be so much better than anything I can imagine.

The Bible tells us that Heaven will be infinitely more beautiful than we can comprehend.  “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”  I Cor 2:9

I don’t ever want to miss that glorious place!  As the song says, “Heaven Will Be Worth It All”  There’s absolutely nothing down here that can in any way touch what awaits us there.  No fleeting pleasures, no suffering, no emotional baggage or injustices – certainly no grudges! – are worth losing our place in that beautiful land.

It also dawned on me after this dream that God sends natural weather phenomena like dazzling hoar frost and ice rain “diamonds” to give us small glimpses of the beauty and purity of Heaven.  In fact, the older I get, the more I feel many of the things we see in the natural world around us have been designed to portray spiritual truths so we can more easily grasp them.

A side musing:  People who say they’ve looked into Heaven often remark about the amazing colours.  Researchers tell us we’re born with a certain number of colour rods in our eyes that translate colours to our brain.  In that sense our human eyes are limited.  If we had twice as many colour rods in our eyes, would we be blown away by the intensity of the colours we look at everyday?  And what beauties will our new, heavenly vision reveal?

In a way my dream “ruined my eyesight.”  Yes, I can still appreciate the beauty around me and do try to make my surroundings attractive.  Part of me still yearns to go all out and spend my days transforming my yard into a lovely park filled with flowers.  But since I’ve seen that place, everything here would look drab by comparison.

Also, it would seem a waste to devote my life to making my little space so lovely, seeing I must leave it someday anyway – and more so if I were ignoring the opportunities God sends to do His work.  It seems more important to be sharing the Good News however I’m able, inviting others so they can enjoy that beautiful home together with me.  An eternity of beauty needs to be shared.


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