Deadlines Frazzle; Germs Razzle

Nice to have an hour or so of blogging time again!  The past ten days have been quite hectic for me with several deadlines to meet and a gastro-enteritis bug flattening me right off.

A week ago Sunday I cooked at the Villa (senior’s residence) and –as is our custom here – I invited company from the congregation for Sunday dinner: several couples, plus my daughter and grandchildren.  We were a large group: twelve adults and 13 children.  Evidently during the course of the day someone passed around some insidious little germ; I found out about it Monday afternoon when it smacked me and some others as well.

Monday, Feb 11: in the morning I felt fine, which was great because I was dealing with two deadlines and a court case I hoped to make it to.  The His Imprint E-news should have gone out that day, but I set that project aside to get some sewing done for my Size 6 grand-daughter; they were leaving for Haiti last Saturday and I wanted to make her a few little dresses for the trip.

I’d sewed several seams and was pressing them Monday afternoon when I started feeling funny, like queasy.  Within an hour I felt blaah and ended up over the toilet bowl quite a few times until about 2am.  Bob decided to keep his distance and sleep on the couch, but by night he was sick, too.  Life wasn’t great for the next couple of days and I didn’t keep up very well with household stuff or e-mails.  Grandson N was here Tuesday — he had the flu, too — while Michelle had to take the youngest one to the doctor to get antibiotics for ear infection.

I missed my friend’s court case.  It was scheduled for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; since I missed the beginning I was hoping to put in a short appearance the last day.  But the Judge put a quick end to it Tuesday, not giving much regard to all her arguments and evidence that the SPCA didn’t have grounds for a search warrant.  So she lost and was majorly bitter about it – for the past two years she’s lived with a seething fury toward the SPCA for ransacking her place and taking her animals (she was rescuing cats and had about 80 in her tiny house at that point.)  Sad to say, this anger has been causing her health & emotional issues — understandably — and my heart aches for her.

I find that a lot of folks never seem to give God the time of day, as it were; they carry on with a vague hope that He sees things just like they do and approves of solutions they are implementing.  But when their solutions hit a brick wall they’re quick to say God let them down.  My friend certainly had reason to feel disappointed – blown to bits even – by the outcome, but can we say “God abandoned me” if we haven’t actually made efforts to know His will and walk with Him at some point?

Seems like if we feel God has abandoned us, the best place to start is to find out where He is, then – and where He wants me to be.  “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord” but we’d rather execute it for ourselves and see those wretches suffer for what they did – “sue the pants off ‘em” if nothing else.

I did manage to get granddaughter A’s dresses pretty much done and she wore one Saturday when they left.  Son-in-law Ken went on ahead a week before and has been working on an irrigation dam project over there, mostly running a back hoe.  Right now they’re spending time at the Confidence Health Centre with good friends Keith & Candace; they plan to come home all together next week.

On Saturday evening I put together the Writers Group E-news.  This should come out every two months; me being secretary, it’s my job.  I e-mailed that Sunday evening. This week I’ve been doing the snail mail to advertise the upcoming His Imprint Writers Conference April 12-13; sent off 57 letters containing posters to evangelical churches in this area, from whence come most of our conference attenders.  This afternoon I e-mailed the info to all the churches I have e-mail addresses for.

Having that behind me I can turn to my next deadline, which is to submit some entries to the Utmost Christian Writers poetry contest.  I have a couple that I think might meet approval and the deadline is Feb 28th.  If you like religious poetry you might want to check out their website; they have a number of poems in their archives.

As I said before, I’ve signed an agreement with Friesen Press to publish my poetry and short fiction stories in a book.  Their marketing agent is to contact me the first week in April, I’m told, and arrange submission of my manuscript.  Which means I must have the manuscript ready, right?  (Tremble, tremble!)

I started compiling poems over a month ago and now have over 100; that’s apt to be far too many for one book so I’ll need to do some culling.  This is not going to be easy!  Plus finish – edit – polish the stories and set it all up in proper book form.  My birthday is two days before Good Friday this year so I’m making it my goal (or birthday gift to myself) to have it ready for that day.

I’ve been reading a book lately titled Create Your Writer Platform.  Author Chuck Sambuchino maintains that all writers will need one, especially non-fiction writers.  His suggestions: check out the various social sites; offer to write newspaper columns; get into public speaking; submit to writing contests; write magazine articles, etc.  Whatever works best for you, pursue it and get yourself known, especially in your field (for non-fiction.)

I was reading last night that having a blog following of 5,000 will impress an editor that your book could sell.  Ten thousand would really wow them.  A writers “home run.”☺  Hmm… I’m like the batter who hits the ball three feet in front of her and hopes to make it to first base on enthusiasm.  Sometimes it works, too.

The Bible says, “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.”  I think I’ll put my faith in that thought.  I’m very thankful for those of you who read and LIKE my posts, but I’m not willing to spend my whole life chasing here and there after followers.  (See Psalm 1:1)  Neither do I want to view others strictly in terms of what they can do to elevate my name.

Those of you others who are putting together your books, how – or to whom – do you plan to market them?

Deep freeze outside yesterday, with a bitter wind and sharp cold last night: the early morning temp dipped below -20C.  Thankfully this current wave of cold is supposed to pass by tomorrow.  We are seeing a steady improvement in the temp and are happy for the longer daylight hours.  Spring is on its way!

Due to my other irons in the fire my posts may be sporadic during the next several weeks, but I welcome your prayers on my behalf, for wisdom and no cold feet until I get my latest project accomplished.


5 thoughts on “Deadlines Frazzle; Germs Razzle

  1. Haven’t figured out the who or how of marketing a book. There are a lot of resources out there (blogs, forums, ebooks, etc.) so I think I need to devote some time gathering info and developing what would work for me.
    I’m like you on the platform followers – It appears for those who are in the thousands, their blog is one of their main points of focus and time in their life.


    • I just took a peek at to see how many “nature poetry” books they have listed. I think there were four, and one was a reprint of a 100 year old book. Either I’m going to find many people longing for more nature poems or I’ll have to give my books away. 😦
      One of those sounded interesting — women writing nature poems — maybe I should order it. 🙂
      For comparison I checked out “Log cabin quilts” — where I found a dozen books to choose from. Shall I give up on poetry and write about some variation of a Log Cabin quilt instead? Or name my book “Log Cabin Quilt Poems”?


  2. HI Christine. Very interesting post. I enjoy reading your blog. Yes, we are one day closer to Spring as I like to say all the time. I can’t wait for warmer weather! You should got hit with the flu bug, yikes. Glad you got over that one. All the best with your book as well. I am sure you will be a success story. hugs and prayers your way, Renee 🙂


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