Forget Marrying For Looks

Scanning the Future

As we were passing down the street
upon our wedding day,
a noisy crowd had gathered round
their compliments to pay.

The church-bells rang out loud and clear
their sweet melodious lay.
To a scene across the thoroughfare
our eyes then chanced to stray.

A man and woman old and bent,
with hair as white as snow –
they heeded not the noisy crowd;
their step was weak and slow.

My bride then turned to me and said
as others passed them by,
“As we scan the future’s fleeting years,
there’s a picture of YOU and I.”

Written by a fellow Saskatchewan poet, Rob Lobb, born around 1893
Taken from his book PLAIN FOLKS,
second edition published 1961 by Modern Press, Saskatoon, SK.

This poem makes me think of an incident from when my daughter was a teen.  We were reading the “Announcements” column in the local paper to see if anything interesting was happening to friends and neighbours.

There were a number of upcoming 25th Wedding Anniversary celebrations announced; some included side-by-side wedding day & current photos.  My daughter looked these over for a few minutes, then said, “Well, it goes to show there’s no point in marrying for looks.”


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