“The Road Taken” — Robert Frost redone

Our His Imprint Christian writers group met again this afternoon and this month’s challenge was to read Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken,” then describe some things the poet might have found had he chosen this other path.

Here’s my version; hope you enjoy it:

I stood for a few moments contemplating the two roads, then chose to follow the one that appeared more traveled.  For hours I walked on the graveled path, descending at times into little wooded valleys.  At one point I caught the smell of the sea and concluded the coast couldn’t be far off.

Finally I stood on the brink of that last hill and took in the deep blue horizon.  Then I spied near the shore below me a small town with folks strolling here or there.  Beyond it I saw a busy harbor scene with half a dozen ships bobbing at anchor; sailors carted kegs and trunks off or onto several of these.

I quickened my steps and arrived in the town an hour later, feeling the need of some nourishment, for I’d walked all morning.  I stopped a friendly-looking stranger to inquire where I’d find an inn; he steered me in the direction of the “Crab & Crow.”  There I found a cheerful hostel with a decent meal on offer and a room where I could spend the next few nights.

For several days I wandered back and forth through the town, enjoying the feel of the place and the good humor of the inhabitants.  I decided it would be most pleasant to put down roots in this congenial spot, so I found myself a job working with several other men mending and braiding rope.  I located a small house for rent and was content for many months.

In time I made the acquaintance of a neighbor up the street.  He told me he was a ship’s captain, pretty much retired now, and recounted many details from his voyages across the seas.  As I listened something began to stir within me, a vague unrest I couldn’t understand, a feeling there must be something more for me than this quiet life.

Then one day this Captain says to me, “I’m to take another ship across to Spain.  You should come along for the ride. We can always use a man on board who can mend our ropes.”  My spirit was roused and I felt a yearning such as I’d never known before.  Dreams of gliding over the briny deep and visions of exotic places filled my mind.

I walked down to the pier one morning with the Captain and stood surveying his vessel.  I had the same sensation that I’d had a year before when I stood at the crossroads and chose the path that brought me here.  Now my little home and present life were on one hand and another road was beckoning to me.  I accepted the captain’s offer and signed on as one of his crew.

That wretched man!  Had I only known where his way would lead and the mess I was getting myself into…


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