Announcing the arrival of my newest creation:

It came about this way:  A couple of weeks ago I began to mull over the subject of establishing my domain name.  If I’m going to have a book in print, maybe I should claim my own name before anyone else does. So I took the first step in this direction and registered Christine as my blog before any other Christine Goodnough does.  (There are a few out there who could.)

My initial thought was to keep it as a private blog which I could open at some future time if needed.  But then a thought stole into my mind and stuck there: what about having a site strictly for devotional writings for women?  Maybe posting one a week?  That could go well with my upcoming book; I could put this blog address on the back cover somewhere, rather than the confusion of using christineevelynvance on a book written by Christine Goodnough.

I let that little thought buzz around for a few days and it didn’t fly away, so I went into my new blog and chose a suitable theme for it: “Misty Lake.”  After all, the blog is already there, it may as well look attractive, right?  Just in case.  Word Press does give us a wonderful choice of themes and then the option of customizing our blogs.  I installed a different header, a picture I felt would be suitable – and LIKED what I saw.  The background needed a little something, so I chose a background colour.

When I surveyed the results I was so pleased.  It looked and felt so right, a great setting for sharing devotional thoughts with other women.  Then I downloaded one of my devotionals from this site.  Just in case.

Well, I’ve considered this matter for another week and talked it over with Bob; now I’ve decided to go ahead and open it to viewers and tell the world.  So do take a peek and tell me what you think of my newest creation.

I want to post a devotional every Thursday morning and for the first while I’ll mostly be reblogging devotional thoughts I’ve already posted on this site, but will get some fresh ones written once my book is off to the press.


2 thoughts on “THE BIRTH OF A BLOG

  1. It sounds like a great idea, to bad I am man and I will never see it. It is like going to one of those big pretty churches in a big city. After service you stop by the men’s room and your wife goes to the ladies’ room. After about an hour later she re-appears and tells me how beautiful the decor was in the restroom. I shall never know it is for women only! 🙂 Go do what God is calling you to do and my prayers are with you, Amen. Love your bother brother in Christ, James


    • Thank you for your blessing on my project. Too bad they don’t have “decor” in the Gents room, too. 😉 As you’ll know, according to Scripture a woman shouldn’t be teaching men, so if I want to do some upfront teaching, it must be aimed at ladies only. You can read my posts — just don’t say you weren’t warned. 🙂 Or read over your wife’s shoulder.
      (And if truth be told, a lot of what I’m going to post there has already been on this site.)


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