Snow Day Prayer

Brandon got up Wednesday morning and looked out the window at a very white world. Like any eight-year old he was delighted to see a deep blanket of fresh snow on the ground and the air full of flakes swirling on a gusty wind. His joy was complete when his mom told him school had been cancelled because it was so stormy.

He quickly dressed and before long he and his sister were at the breakfast table with radiant smiles, talking of the fun times they’d have today. First there was lots of snow to shovel, then they’d have great fun on the small skating rink their dad had made for them.

They trooped out the door soon after breakfast and spent several hours having fun in the snow. When they were thoroughly chilled they came in and played games. The hours flew by; Brandon was dismayed to find that a ‘Snow day’ goes by twice as fast as a day in the classroom.

That night at the supper table Brandon and his sister heard their mom and dad talking about all the snow and wondering if the wind would let up before morning. If not, school would be likely be cancelled again tomorrow. He and his sister beamed at each other. In bed that night Brandon smiled as he listened to the snow zinging on his window.

Thursday was another Snow day; again the children filled it with indoor and outdoor fun. To top it off, soon after dinner the snow storm was over and the wind died down, so being outside was much more pleasant. The sun came out and made the snow sticky so they built a huge snowman before supper.

Back at school on Friday morning, the teacher asked the class if they’d all made good use of their two-day holiday. The children responded with a chorus of “yeah” and “we had so much fun.”

She asked a few others what they’d done and listened to their reports of snowmen, sledding, and games played. Then she asked Brandon, “And what did you do on those two Snow days?”

“I prayed the whole time.”

Teacher’s eyes opened in surprise. “And what were you praying for that much? Is someone sick at your house?”

Brandon grinned.  “No.  I was just praying for more and more and more snow.”


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