Frosty Morning Weather Wail

News Flash: Spring is Coming

According to Weather Canada Saskatoon was registering -26 C this morning at 7 a.m.  For our Fahrenheit friends this is -15.  The predicted high for today is -13 C or 8.6 F.  And we’ve had so much snow in the past couple of weeks; our huge banks of white make the whole country look and feel like the North Pole.

I am SO looking forward to the coming of spring tomorrow. Saskatoon’s predicted high for tomorrow is -8C (17.6 F.) That will seem balmy, right?

I have another post scheduled for this afternoon, but couldn’t resist seeking a little sympathy when I saw the weather stats. ☺ Have a great day, everyone.


4 thoughts on “Frosty Morning Weather Wail

  1. It’s a little hard to swallow, isn’t it?? There aren’t too many ‘first day of spring’ days when it’s too cold to take photographs in bare hands… *sigh* Here’s to warm days to come! 🙂


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