Spring Flurry

Our First Day of Spring is a HOLIDAY for me!

I was scheduled to cook at the senior’s residence today, but didn’t have go in after all. Correction. Couldn’t. Our son-in-law surveyed the situation this morning and said there’s no way I could get to work. (Two miles at most.) He would have come and cleared our driveway if that were there only problem, but the roads are impassable.

In fact, the Department of Highways called him early this morning to help them open the #45 north-south highway just west of us. Their plows are working their way up from Outlook and apparently need all the help they can get. So Ken responded to their plea and the first drift he faced was four feet deep, packed solid. At that rate it will take awhile to get to the four stranded semis he encountered yesterday up by Donovan.

Alas! Our ‘First Day of Spring’ was blown away by a howling gale from the southeast that walloped the west-central part of the province and blocked a lot of roads, including the Trans-Canada Highway from Regina almost to the Alberta border. According to the Highways Report today they are still in bad shape or blocked and the RCMP is advising folks to stay home.

It would help a lot if the wind would cease and desist, but it wants to keep on blowing. Where the highway isn’t buried the wind has been polishing the ice to a curling rink shine and more snow has come down today, adding to what’s already in the air. Mind you, it’s only -9 C at present(15.8F) — not very cold at all. So typical of March.

No school, no mail. I’m glad the internet is working today. Up is the only route out of here right now. I shouldn’t complain, though, as this gives me ample opportunity to work on some sewing, my stories, or even my latest poem. I really should be writing it while I’m so inspired. It starts out like this:
“I think that I shall never see
a winter that’s too short for me.”

The good news: it’s supposed to be sunny and get up to +1 C next Wednesday. I remember one year in Ontario when it was an incredible 27 C (80.5 F) on my birthday.


3 thoughts on “Spring Flurry

  1. It was a bit cool here this morning 7.2C or 45F, usually this time of year we have a low of 15.5C 60F for a low and 26.6C 80F for a High. Then he rest of the year it is to HOT and HUMID TO GO OUTSIDE! To much snow that not so good either I have say I do not know about snow! Six months of Snow or six months of Hot? At least we do have a place to be inside at, Thank-you Jesus for the shelter! Stay warm and I shall stay cool God Bless!


  2. Well, we more-or-less have to stay in right now; Bob and I took a walk out to the end of the lane before supper and the snow was three feet deep across one stretch. Not quite as hard as cement, but easily able to support Bob’s 200 lb. It’s going to take something to plow through that–and the highway has been much the same today.
    Actually, I’d rather have a cold winter and nice summer rather than a summer so hot you can’t go out after 6am. It can get up to 100 F here in July with scorching dry winds, but it usually lasts only a few days at a time, it cools off overnight, and most folks have air conditioners for temps like that.


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