Getting At It And To It


The lazy man said,
turning over in bed,
“Today’s going to be such a bore.
The time will pass slow
for I’ve no place to go
and nothing to do anymore.”

The busy man said,
as he leaped out of bed,
“Today there’s so much to be done.
The time will flash by,
the minutes just fly,
for I’m going to be having such fun!”

Author Unknown

Journal Page

I leaped out of bed at five am this morning, owing to the fact that my cats leaped up about the same time and began a rambunctious romp across our bedroom floor. This has given me lots of time to contemplate the day ahead and the things that need doing. It feels like a Monday morning, too, because it’s my first day off after working three days at the senior’s residence.

Last night I tossed our youngest cat a scrunched silver bow from my gift wrap box; he batted it across the floor, into the hallway, and promptly lost it under the upright freezer. So I brought out a yardstick and fished around with it. Out came a trove of impromptu “toys”: various bottle caps; the plastic cap from my snippers; the lid from my beeswax ball (he’s been raiding my sewing stand again ☹); the bathtub plug; a beaded key chain, a plastic clothes pin.

This morning I’ll likely continue with my yardstick probing under the furniture; perhaps I can locate all the small ball we bought for him to play with plus the two sink plugs that are missing. Then I’d best get on with my sewing; I want to finish the dress I started last week. My daughter bought me this fabric for my birthday and my “party” is coming up Thursday.

And I’ll want a nap, too. It’s nice to be up in the early morning, especially these days when the sky is brightening before 6am. But we’re usually up until past 11pm, too. I’m looking forward to nicer weather, when the cats can stay OUT all night — but by then the birds will be waking me up.


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