Qualities of a Quality Man

by Edgar Guest

A man doesn’t whine at his losses;
   a man doesn’t whimper and fret
or rail at the weight of his crosses
   and ask life to rear him a pet.
A man doesn’t grudgingly labor
   or look upon toil as a blight:
a man doesn’t sneer at his neighbor
   or sneak from a cause that is right.

A man doesn’t sulk when another
   succeeds where his efforts have failed;
doesn’t keep all his praise for the brother
   whose glory is publicly hailed
and pass by the weak and the humble
   as though they were not of his clay;
a man doesn’t ceaselessly grumble
   when things are not going his way.

A man looks on woman as tender
   and gentle, and stands at her side
at all times to guard and defend her,
   and never to scorn or deride.
A man looks on life as a mission,
   to serve, just so far as he can;
A man feels his noblest ambition
   on earth is to live as a man.

From his book A Heap O’ Livin’
published 1916 by The Reilly & Britton Co

(And I daresay this man will be able to hold his head up to others and be able to look himself in the mirror every night. We ladies should be aspiring to these virtues, too–not to be self-righteously sweet but to be a REAL person, gentle, caring, and faithful to our Creator. It’s our calling to be a woman men can respect.)


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