Is The Space Race A Flood Survival Plan?

Flood Survival Plan

Building the Babel tower
the people become confused:
who is reaching for Who?
A few bricks short on wisdom,
man saves himself poorly.

Christine Goodnough


The poem came to me several days ago; after I posted it this morning the following questions popped into my mind, so I’ll post them, too.

Questions to ponder:
— How much of the space race is a ‘Tower of Babel’ attempt to find and prepare another place should this earth be destroyed?
— What aspects of the space exploration program would come to a halt if mankind would accept that he has a Creator?


3 thoughts on “Is The Space Race A Flood Survival Plan?

    • It’s interesting that you’ve wondered this, too. I knew the idea had been tossed around about looking for a safe place to go in case of nuclear war, but the connection to the Tower of Babel had never crossed my mind until after I’d posted my poem this morning.
      Even beaming signals across the universe just in case some other intelligent life has “evolved” out there could be omitted if the theory of evolution was abandoned. (Just think of what could be done to improve life in this world with all that money.)


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